How To Remain Humble When Facing Success

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Information about How To Remain Humble When Facing Success

Published on October 19, 2017

Author: yusupov8


slide 1: Author Sergei VanBellinghen How To Remain Humble When Facing Success /business/how-to-remain-humble-when-facing-success Oct 19 2017 - 12:39 81 views Written by Sergei VanBellinghen Articles written: 181 Joined: 23 September 2016 Niche: Internet and Businesses Online Reference and Education Self Improvement When facing success knowing how to remain humble often seems for many like a challenging task. It is quite a common trait to see among some high achievers who after years of constant effort chasing their dream and being successful suddenly let success go to their head and get the best of them. Why is this happening Whatever happened to being humble Why do many successful people forget where they came from Are people considering humility as a weakness or strength Well learning to remain humble in the face of success can master both the fact of getting lost in too much pleasure-seeking and having a big head. People are letting their ego in the way often think they are so unique and special. When becoming successful there is nothing wrong with purchasing luxurious things to live a better 1/4 slide 2: life but when you start to do it just to show off it becomes egocentric. You let go of the ethics and values that have made you who you are and ignore people who have helped you reach success. Afterwards you even come to believe that you are an expert in all that is presented to you. Fortunately being humble can cut your ego on the spot to keep what you worked so hard to achieve. Luckily not all successful people treat success in the same way. The truth is that some people who reach achievement remain humble no matter what they have. They never forget who they are or from where they came. Humility and Arrogance Some high achievers have fun from being arrogant about their achievements or being pretentious about their wealth. They somehow believe that they are better than anyone else. In truth some individuals let success give them a big head and they seem to have a strange pleasure from degrading others around them. T o not remain humble is very sad indeed. In contrast I notice that just as it is not nice for some successful people to look down on others it is also wrong for people who have not succeeded to dislike the ones who have sweat through hard work and have reasonably created their success. So many successes come from small beginnings. You I or anyone can also make something of themselves through the quest chase and hunt of cheer determination belief knowledge reliability diligence and opportunity. So when you do you have every right to be proud of the success that you achieved. But does it give you the right to be insolent or disrespectful to others Of course not A Great Life Balance is to Remain Humble Money does not make you a better person unless you work on yourself and remain humble. True happiness is realized by being grateful and appreciating what you already have. As success comes no one should forget loved ones or real friends who stood by you during struggles. Allow yourself to have the right balance at work as well as in life a great home good karma or even another chance in life. A great future does not require a great past. And humility can be the tool that balances it all. So remain humble and do not let success go to your head. Having humility is a mark of strength and not of weakness. Being humble will give you inner peace. It will keep you grounded in your principles ethics and beliefs so that you have nothing to prove to anyone else but yourself. You will feel comfortable in your skin and silently modest and proud. How to Remain Humble Successful and humble people know on what to focus. They listen to others instead of talking about themselves give rather than take provide praise rather than holding credit to themselves and know that there is more which they have to learn in life. But to remain humble you also have to not take yourself completely off the scene. So you have to use the right balance. Humility is Sharing Credit and Not Boasting When you get credit just give thanks and tell the person that you enjoyed doing your share of the work. And also provide the credit to the individual or team you work with if you did so. To Remain Humble is Knowing How to Listen When you remain humble it does not mean you have to be a passive doormat or agree with someone. If you 2/4 slide 3: ask questions learn and know how to listen to the responses given to you. Your way is not the only way of thinking or doing. So when someone shares an opinion or experience with you take a moment before you speak. Humility is Sharing What You Know with Others You should never be afraid to share your knowledge. Reveal some of what you know so that others may grow and progress. Spend thirty percent of your time with people who know less than you and teach. Help them if you see something they dont know anything about. Being Humble is Treating Everyone Equally I noticed that people who remain humble are usually kind caring attentive and courteous to everyone they come across. The people who listen to your ideas indeed make an effort to remember tiny details about you. They greet you and smile whenever you cross paths with them. So learn to be like them. Remain Humble and Let Other People Brag I am pretty sure you have encountered conceited individuals and perhaps your competitive side did get the best of you and so you ended up trying to prove yourself. But it is a waste of time and energy and you should not care about they think. I realized that successful humble people never get into these kinds of power plays. Rather than responding you should smile say okay and let the individual have his or her moment. This way the bragger is satisfied and less likely to go on and on. So to remain humble you have to maintain the perfect balance between humility and confidence. Tips to Remain Humble When Facing Success When you become successful do not rest on your laurels. As soon as you lose focus you risk losing your edge. Learn another language. It is a great way to remain humble and a prodigious reminder of whom else exists in the world. Always remember your roots and where you came from. Think of what you have learned along the way. And do not forget to teach others what you know. Stay away from giving into your ego and feeding it. Try living without comforts and ease for one day or better yet one week. It will magnify appreciation for others who have less. Always grow. Know your limits and admit when you do not know something. Even experts still have to remain humble and learn. Compete only with yourself. When you try to compete against others it is not improving but ego. But when you compete with yourself you gain more growth and success. Learn to nurture patience and prevent selfishness. Listen to others and discover what they have to offer. It shows that you value their opinions as well as their understanding. Be swift and apologize for your mistakes. Do not let success get to your head. Remaining humble will remind you that you are only human and not perfect. Share your success. Remember that other people helped you along the way or were there during your struggles. So share the credit and take these people up the ladder of success along with you. Earn trust and a good reputation through your words and actions. Integrity is more valuable in life than 3/4 slide 4: anything else. Remain humble by getting off your high horse. Learn to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Learn that enjoyment and bragging are different. Be thrilled about your new “toy” but do not brag about it relentlessly. Be sensitive be humble and be grateful. My Last Thought to Remain Humble Pay attention to and express gratitude for the beauty and wonder this world has to offer. Do not take what is around you for granted but rather respect it. Recognize that you are a living miracle and a part of the universe. My last thought is that it is important to remain humble but that there is nothing wrong with feeling a sense pride or achievement for a job well done when facing success. It is marvelous to make the right choices and take great opportunities that lead to success. But do not be conceited. 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