How to Release Your Mobile App in 10 Steps

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Information about How to Release Your Mobile App in 10 Steps

Published on April 14, 2014

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Marketing Manager at ComboApp, a leading mobile apps PR & marketing agency, shares a 10-step Guide to help you better launch your app to the app store

10 Steps to release your mobile app

ComboApp was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL. We have over 700 projects worth of experience which allows us to provide clients everything from creative development -to- product/campaign strategy and analytics -to- media placement and traditional public relations campaigns. Our knowledgeable veterans of mobile marketplace have developed strategic partnerships with Intel, Game Insight and other mobile industry leaders. About ComboApp

More than 10 years of proven track record for managing business complexities, identifying opportunities, and offering sound solutions in international companies and network advertising agencies including DDB, Lowe & Partners Worldwide, Oglivy & Mather. Managed large scale projects for success and helped businesses by leading marketing strategies and actionable plans for optimum growth and profitability. For the last two years drove significant business growth at ComboApp, expanded client base and managed projects for such companies as Intel and a Japanese game publisher CoLoPl. Sergey Kanishchev, director of marketing ComboApp

Step 1. Plan and develop great product Step 2. Choose revenue model Step 3. Do the homework - prepare for launch and support Step 4. Optimize for the app store Step 5. Start building your community before launch Step 6. Learn and benefit from the App Store Ranking Step 7. Become a PR expert Step 8. Manage User Acquisition Step 9. Engage Users with Promotions Step 10. Maintain your support & optimize operations 10 Steps

Step 1. Plan and Develop Great Product Go for iOS or Android? Are there any alternatives? Be sure that your app is interesting and desirable for your potential users. Perform market analysis, study trends, profile of your prospective users, their habits and lifestyle. Describe your audience in detail. Be sure to stand out and offer unique and competitive features. Find ways to validate your hypothesis.

Step 1. Plan and Develop Great Product

Step 1. Plan and Develop Great Product

Step 1. Plan and Develop Great Product

•  Free/ Freemium / F2P •  Paid Facts: 1. In January 2012, free apps with in-app purchases generated only 46 percent of revenue in the United States on iOS, while in November 2013 an all-time high of 81 percent was reached. 2. Paid apps are more likely to be downloaded in the month of December. 3. China and Japan are leaders in the revenue share from freemium business model, with a record of 94 percent in January 2014. Step 2. Choose Revenue Model

Step 2. Choose Revenue Model

Tracking events. Identify critical events in your product/service to understand the apps’ performance. Understanding user behavior. Find the best solution to track the IAP events and the system of user behavior analysis that you're going to use for this purpose. Try to find all pros and cons to choose the platform wisely. Make sure this system works with your solution for tracking and attribution of media channels. Leverage the power of social. Step 3. Do the homework prepare for launch and support

Name. Should be simple yet different from your competitors. It's recommended to choose a descriptive name with keywords. Icon. Very important. General tips: don‘t use words in icon. Keep it simple. Design with detail. Design of an icon should be consistent with the design of the app. Screenshots. Use all available screenshots. The most important screen should go first. Keywords set. Use only relevant words. Don't repeat keywords. Choose keywords with which you can rank high. Update 09/27/2012 : some other changes announced by category names no longer work in App Store search on the device. Step 4. Optimize for the App Store

Don’t only sell the app, also sell the story. Step 5. Start community building before launch

Step 6. App Store Ranking Google Play Ranking algorithm •  Downloads - including total number and also momentum; incentivized installs are still available in Google Play and can help in creating a snowball effect, or at least send you to the next download interval (100, 500, 1000 etc.), which improves visibility. •  App quality - including percentage of users that use the app after installing it. •  Frequency of interaction with the app - be honest, don’t build expectations that you can’t meet and don’t cater to the wrong audience. •  Uninstalls •  Number and quality of ratings and comments - these are important to how an app ranks, so any dev should make the most out of any reviews they receive and encourage more. Staying in contact with your audience and replying to reviews and feedback is therefore important to the app’s success. •  Country •  Keyword density and relevance in the apps metadata •  Social ‘proof’ - meaning how many times the app gets +1s on G+ or Likes/Shares on Facebook and so on. •  Number of backlinks - make sure you include links to as many relevant pages as possible.

Step 6. App Store Ranking

•  Press Release •  Pitching Bloggers •  Video Reviews •  Related Communities •  App Store reviews Step 7. Become a PR expert

Step 7. Become a PR expert

User acquisition in CPI CPM/ CPC models Using Facebook to acquire users Target high performing media Measure all the app marketing efforts Step 8. Manage User Acquisition

Featured position on the Store Using push notifications to deliver the message Price drops both for the app and the in-app goods Cross promotion with friendly publishers Step 9. Engage Users with Promotions

•  Make updates on a schedule and repeat your message •  Refresh the design according to new important updates. Link it to major events and holidays: Superbowl, Christmas, Halloween and so on. •  Study the feedback of your users and connect with them •  Measure important app usage metrics and make changes to improve them •  Explore new markets and localize accordingly Step 10. Maintain your support & optimize operations

Revenue hike in the holiday season

Revenue hike in the holiday season The Winter Olympics had a substantial impact on the app market: the Sports category generated eleven percent more device installs on Google Play and 41 percent more downloads on Apple App Store in February compared to January 2014.

Step 10. Maintain your support & optimize operations

Serg Kanishchev, Director of Marketing ComboApp Willis Tower, 93rd Floor 233 S Wacker Dr SUITE 9390 Chicago, IL 60606, US Tel: (+1) 773.305.0886 Thank you.

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