How to reduce energy consumption of pumping systems in mining by up to 30%

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Information about How to reduce energy consumption of pumping systems in mining by up to 30%

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: SchneiderElectric



Pumps and Pumping Equipment consume close to 25% of all energy associated with motor driven loads, and represent more than 50% of all potential energy savings. In mining, pumps are used in multiple process applications, including raw water supply, leach solutions, dewatering, and mine drainage. This presentation provides an overview of various “Pump System” options that can help mining companies reduce energy consumption of Pumping Systems by up to 30%.

How to reduce energy consumption of your pumping systems by up 30% used in mining operations Jack Creamer Segment Manager – Pumping Equipment Schneider Electric

Topics ●Energy Challenge ●Energy and Pumping ●What is the World Doing? ●Passive and Active Energy Efficiency ●Where are the Savings Schneider Electric 2

Energy Dilemma The facts The need vs Energy demand by 2050 Electrical energy demand by CO2 emissions 2030 to avoid dramatic climate changes Source: IEA 2008 Source: IPCC 2007, figure (vs. 1990 level) Energy management is the key to address the dilemma

Energy Demand Renewable 2008 Non-renewable Schneider Electric 4

Legislation and Influencing Bodies Support Energy Efficiency ● Legislation texts ● Economic Stabilization Act ● Energy Independence and Security Act ● European Union Energy Directive ● Kyoto Protocol ● Non-governmental initiatives ● Clinton Climate initiative ● Energy Efficiency accreditation ● Utility Programs ● Alliance to Save Energy ● Other government initiatives ● State Policy and Incentives ● White certificates ●DOE ● Pump Energy Efficiency Standards under development Schneider Electric 5

Energy Use in Pumping Systems Pumps represent about 25% of industrial motor energy use. Source: DOE Office of Industrial Technology Schneider Electric 6

Pumping – Energy Savings Potential GWhr / Year 2,000 1,500 Pump Savings Motor Upgrades Air Compressor Savings 1,000 Other Savings Fan Savings Downsize Savings Rewind Savings 500 1000+ HP 501 - 1000 HP 201 - 500 HP 101 - 200 HP 51 - 100 HP 21 - 50 HP 6 - 20 HP 1 - 5 HP 0 Source: U.S. Industrial Motor Systems Market Opportunities Assessment, U.S. Department of Energy Schneider Electric 7

Pumping – Energy Savings Potential Pumping systems have the most to gain from energy savings efforts. Source: DOE Office of Industrial Technology Schneider Electric 8

Metals Mining Example Source – Sulzer Pumps Schneider Electric 9

Motor use in mining ● Typical Distribution of Motor Population by HP and Application

What is the World Doing? Schneider Electric 11

Lifecycle solutions for Energy Efficiency Energy Audit & Measure Passive Energy Efficiency Fix the basics Low consumption devices, insulation material, power factor correction Schneider Electric - Power NA Leadership Forum – January 2010 Active Energy Efficiency Optimise through automation & regulation Pump control, lighting control, variable speed drives… Monitor, maintain, improve Meters installation, monitoring services, EE analysis software 12

Passive Energy Savings – By Design Motor Starting Example ● Energy efficient design provides more features while using less energy than a standard starter and overload Contactor + MCP Starter + Circuit Breaker Self Protected Motor Starter SPMS versus IEC based solution -> 50.97% savings SPMS versus NEMA based solution -> 92.71% savings Schneider Electric 13

Active Energy Savings – VFD Example ● Variable Speed Drives ● On centrifugal loads such as pumps, VFD’s save energy because of the Affinity Laws ● Provide precise speed control of an AC motor ● Can generate full torque and low motor speed ● Protect a motor and wiring from overload currents ● Have inherent power factor correction increasing efficiency ● Limits inrush current to provide soft-start and soft-stop Schneider Electric 14

Active Energy Savings – By Design VFD Example ● Affinity Laws of Centrifugal Loads: ● FLOW is proportional to motor speed ● PRESSURE is proportional to the motor speed squared ● POWER is proportional to the motor speed cubed. Schneider Electric 15

Active Energy Savings – VFD Example A motor running at 90% of full speed requires 70% of the electricity of a motor running at full speed. Schneider Electric 16

Active Energy Savings – VFD Example ● Situation – Dewatering Application ● A 50hp centrifugal Pump ● Supply air 10 hours/day for 250 days ● Cost at full speed would be: 50 hp x 0.746 kW/hp x 2500hours x $0.08 /kWhr = $7,460 ● Assuming the Pump does not have to run at full speed all the time ● 25% of time at 100% speed = 625 hours ● 50% of time at 80% speed = 1250 hours ● 25% of time at 60% speed = 625 hours ● Cost running with an AC Drive: ● 50 x (1.0)3 x 0.746 x 625 x $0.08 ● 50 x (0.8)3 x 0.746 x1250 x $0.08 ● 50 x (0.6)3 x 0.746 x 625 x $0.08 = $ 1,865 = $ 1,910 = $ 428 Annual savings ($7,460.00 - $4,203.00) = $3,257 Potential Utility Rebate at $50 per HP = $2,500 Schneider Electric 17

Maximize the savings ●Efficient devices and installation (saves 10 to 15%) ●Optimized usage via automation (save 5 to 15%) ● Without regulation and control systems (up to 12 % lost) ●Without Monitoring and Maintenance (2 to 8% lost) Optimized usage via automation Energy Consumption 70% Efficient devices and installation 100% Lack of monitoring, maintenance programs, regulation and control systems Monitoring & Maintenance Time Schneider Electric - Power NA Leadership Forum – January 2010 18

Energy Savings – Through Monitoring System Level ● Power Monitoring Equipment ● Provides monitoring of facility’s power system ● Capture an record numerous parameters such as: ●Voltage ●Current ●Harmonics ●Power factor ●Transient Voltage ●Energy Consumption ●Peak Consumption ● Monitoring this data allows a facility manager to monitor, understand, and correct any power issues in order to maximize the energy usage of the facility Schneider Electric 19

Energy Savings – Through Monitoring Pump Specifics ● Motor Management System ● Allows control and power monitoring of individual devices ● Allows a user to monitor things such as a motor where it would be traditionally too expensive for an dedicated power monitoring device ● Predictive logic can alert a user to potential problems such as an increase in motor current over a period of time ● Built in communication macros drive integration into System Level systems allowing a facility to monitor all power aspects from distribution to device Schneider Electric 20

Conclusions ● Pumps are a primary consumer of energy in mining applications ● Solutions are available that will greatly reduce these costs ● Legislation is driving/incenting energy management Act NOW! Source - Schneider Electric 21

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