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Published on February 23, 2014

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this document is for whom wants to match with Japan.
you can see current situation of ICX in Japan, the process from apply to realize in Japan and match strategies.

How to realize in Japan

Purpose of this document Let’s match with JAPAN!! This document is for whom want EPs to match with Japanese TN and realize in Japan. We prepare 3 contents which make you easy to match with Japan. 3 contents of this document 1 2 3 What’s happening on iGIP in Japan - High Net Promoter® Score Compare with world Basic information of internship in Japan When EP realize How to apply ~ realize - Outline of process The reason why it takes 3 months Matching process Getting visa process - Realize process Internship in Japan Let’s match with Japan! - Key time to match Wanted EP High percentage of match combination - The ways to increase match Contact list Reference tool

What’s happening on iGIP in Japan

High Net Promoter Score Japan 3% 74 Net Promoter Score 19% 78% Net Promoter Score: 74 Detractors: 3% Passive: 19% Promoters: 78% Some comments of promoters from Customer Gauge Worked in kindergarten EP from Indonesia It was great for me to work and interact with people of a different culture. It all comes back to human values of understanding, tolerance and love. Global internship program in Japan was such a great experience to me. It was a big chance for me to understand more about culture and business culture of Japan. AIESECers also showed me hospitality. I hope that more and more students will join this amazing program. Worked in IT company EP from Vietnam

Compare with world Japan 2nd highest score in the top 20 countries* 20 countries* = The ranking of number of iGIP(2012,2013) 1. Indonesia Passive: 19% Promoters: 78% 58 responses. data is 2012-2013 12. Turkey 34 3. Canada 68 13. Colombia 32 68 14. China, mainland 30 5. United States 3% 74 59 14. Netherland 30 6. Germany 56 16. India 24 7. Brazil 51 17. Egypt 17 8. Czech Republic 42 9. Mexico Detractors: 38 3. Russia 74 11. Poland 2. Japan Net Promoter Score 79 41 10. Hungary 40 Can’t find NPS of Belgium, Hong Kong, Spain on customer gauge.

Basic information of internship in Japan Internship type Language Duration 6-10 weeks Most of TNs are around 6-10 weeks. Longer duration GIP is only 30% of all. The longest GIP is 6 months due to visa. Japanese speaker 80% of the TNs in Japan would like to host EPs who speak Japanese. But "Japanese speaking" is "preferred" in most of the TNs. GIP We do not have GCDP in Japan. GIP is only available for Japan. Education 3% Realized EP Other 56% Vietnam 3% Thailand 3% Taiwan 3% Sweden 3% Realized TN China, mainland 38% Poland India 7% Germany4% 3% HR 14% Marketing 42% BA 15% IT 26%

When EP realize 1 MC Planning 1st term 2 3 4 5 2014 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2015 2 3 LC Planning TN Raise TN Matching VISA Preparing 2nd term TN Realize TN Raise PEAK time TN Raise Number Spring(Feb & Mar) Summer(July, Aug, Oct) TN Matching 2012 VISA Preparing 2013 266 Raise Matching 326 Spring(Mar, Apr, May) Autumn(Oct, Nov, Dec) Match VISA Preparing Realize May + Jun Dec + Jan Summer(July, Aug, Sep) Spring(Feb, Mar) TN Realize Realize 191 162 153 163

How to Apply ~ Realize

Outline of process Matching STEP 1 Research TN STEP 2 Apply Get visa STEP 4 Exchange AN STEP 5 Get CoE* 2 week About 12 STEP 3 Negotiate 1 week 8 weeks Realize STEP STEP STEP 6 7 8 Get visa Come to Japan Internship 2 week weeks (3-6months) from Apply to Realize at least *Certificate of Eligibility

The reason why 3 months The reason why taking 3 moths from apply to realize is that… Takes time for get Certificate of Eligibility (2-3months) - What is Certificate of Eligibility? - What is Visa? The important document for get visa for Japan In order to apply for visa for Japan, ALL EPs are required to get a certificate of eligibility from the regional immigration bureau in Japan. The important document to intern in Japan. Japanese government only allows TRAINEESHIP visa for AIESEC internship, so don’t issue any other visa by yourself. You need to get the visa at the Japanese embassy in your country by yourself with CoE. You need to get these 2 important documents!! It's true that Japanese program process takes more time than other countries, but our exchange is ensured that you can get the best experience.

Matching process 1 Search 2 2 ways to search Japanese TN 1) go to my 2) use TN search tool Apply ccc?key=0AswmfhXHbmRQdHMzOGJyZUdkM3 JqQnJzMEl0UnRNZVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0 Go to apply form *this is the only way to apply Japanese TN URL of apply form for Japanese TN Please check following things before apply □You must be an official student at rightful institution. □You belong to same university/institute before and after internship. □You have NOT participated in internship in Japan before because “Traineeship Visa” can be issued only ONCE unless the circumstances are exceptional. □You are NOT studying in Japan now, or are NOT planning to study in Japan before or ・right after internship. 3 Negotiate 4 You need to prove you are suitable for the TN. Usually take selection (assignment & interview) Match Exchange AN *once you exchange AN, you cannot reject. □Please re-check duration, Job description, salary in internship with TN and TN Manager. □Minimum duration of internship is 6 weeks and maximum is 6 months. □When Acceptance Note is submitted, one cannot reject. If going on a long-term traineeship, make sure with the University or college if absence from school is permitted or not.

Getting visa process EP Japan 2 Send*2 1 Prepare documents*1 *1 - EP - Original CV Copy of Passport Photograph Original Certification of studentship Some supporting documents 3 *2 AIESEC Japan Please send with trustworthy mailing company e.g. FedEx *3 Some documents from TN 8 Send*2 7 4 Send 9 Send Get CoE Correct information to get visa 11 Issue visa Check documents*1 Integrate documents*1, *3 agency 10 6 Apply Japanese embassy 5 Issue CoE Submit Immigration Bureau

Realize process Before Come to Japan Flight ticket After you get visa, please book your flight ticket. *DON’T book before you get visa You have to pay flight expense. According to Japanese law, TN must pay for the flight expense when you go back. The expense will be paid when internship begins. TALK With TNM Your TN manager is very important for you to make your stay in Japan safe and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to contact your TN manager when you are unsure about anything or having any kind of troubles in either work or life. It is quite difficult to survive in this country especially if you are not a Japanese speaker. Before Internship starts Sign Before internship starts, please sign for your internship program conditions with TN. Please receive a sample document from TNM and read that carefully. Sign on Agreement on participation conditions of internship program.

Internship in Japan TNM will help you to find a suitable Accommod accommodation. Please let your TNM know in advance on your request. Please ation note that the rent of an apartment is very high, especially in Tokyo. The average fee is around JPY 70,000. You will pay the rent from your residency subsidy which is around JPY 150,000. Cell phone Each EP will be provided with a cell phone from AIESEC in Japan. A rental cost is free of charge, but EP will be responsible for paying a cell phone bill. The cell phones must be returned before leaving Japan. Bank account Insurance Opening a bank account is not easy for temporary visitors in Japan. Only trainees with six-month-visa can open a bank account at Japan Post Bank. (You cannot open an account at any other bank with a visa valid for 6 months or less.) Residency subsidy will be paid either in cash or through your bank account (if you are able to have one) depending on your TN. During the traineeship, you will be covered by traineeship insurance provided by the company. Most of the troubles will be covered by the insurance except for dental treatment and pregnancy. Please check with TN Manager for more details of the coverage. Please contact your TN manager BEFORE seeing a doctor. ・No side-job during internship. →Strictly prohibited by Japanese Law ・You must go back to your country right away once internship is finished. →Prohibited by Japanese Law ・Re-enrol to your home university or college after the internship. →You have to belong to the same institution before and after the internship

Let’s MATCH with Japan!

Key time to MATCH! 2014 1 1st term 2 3 TN Raise 4 5 Matchin g 6 7 VISA Preparing 2nd term 2015 8 9 11 12 1 2 3 Realize TN Raise Spring(Apr, May) 10 Matching VISA Preparing Autumn(Oct, Nov) Realize

Wanted EP! Japanese Speaker Language skill (Realize EP) IT skill Sub Product Raise Japanese Speaker(Good) 38% 47% Match Japanese Speaker(Excellent) Not Japanese Speaker 15% From southeast Asia EP Country(TN need)2013 Indonesia(21) 17% Low match rate of IT (35%) Other product is around 50% →we want to improve the number of IT match 26% Vietnam(14) 17% Thailand(14) 22% 18% Malaysia(18) India(14) Especially from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia

High percentage of match combination Key time Spring(Apr, May) Autumn(Oct, Nov) × Wanted EP EP who is… or - Likely to work in Marketing area Japanese speaker Duration is 6-8 weeks Prefer Feb, Mar & Aug, Sep

The ways to increase match MC CEED Outgoing CEED Share information LC CEED JD : - Raise EP - Direct match - TN promotion (e.g. we sent CEEDer to China, Vietnam) It depends on each LC. Here is the contact list of LCIR (URL:) We aim at holding regular Skype meetings to share supply and demand, timeline and internal processes information. Here is the useful information for matching with Japanese TN. Please use it  TN search tool : zMEl0UnRNZVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0 [Contact(MCICXIR)] During matching peak, Holding some meetings to talk with TNM on Skype. Matching mania Our peak time is Spring(April & May) and Autumn(October & November). We will contact you when it’s matching peak, but if you don’t get any information about matching mania, please contact below. [Contact(MCICXIR in Japan)]

Contact list of MCICX In charge of any communications related to negotiation of partnership and inquiry. If you want to ask about country meeting, matching mania and any other IR materials, please ask her. Photo In charge of strategy for international relationship. If you want to ask about MC CEED, please ask her. If you want to know contact of other MC member, please ask above. When you want to contact LC ICXD, contact list is following URL. dHMzOGJyZUdkM3JqQnJzMEl0UnRNZVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0

Reference tool Reception Wiki This is the wiki which explain the detail process of coming to Japan for internship. It contains basic information of process and also notices when you apply, match, realize. Please check this out when you are interested in Japan. TN Search tool qQnJzMEl0UnRNZVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0 You can see Japanese TNs. It’s uploading when new TN comes up, so TNs in the list is available for your EPs. Please use this and match! If you want to contact any TN, see the contact list. Also, you can get the contact list of LCICXD from this tool. Apply form When you apply any Japanese TN, please apply from this URL. If your EP apply from .net, we won’t contact for next step. Because we have very complex process to invite EPs to Japan, we need to check some conditions.

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