How to properly fold a fitted bed sheet

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Information about How to properly fold a fitted bed sheet
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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: VarshaHatkar



How to properly fold a fitted bed sheet

How to properly fold a fitted bed sheet I always get frustrated while trying to fold fitted sheet. I use to feel that it is one of the most tedious home core jobs. One day, i decided that i will learn it any how. From some internet sources and i old friend " varsha" i was able to figure it out. To my surprise, now i fold fitted sheets perfectly in just 1 mins. There are some secrets which i discovered which i am sharing it with you.

METHOD #1 This way works best if you have a flat surface — like a bed, table, or floor — to lay the sheet on while folding.

I begin by folding the sheet in half. (If you remember back to elementary school, we called this the “hamburger way.”) Secret#1: To get crisp corners, I turn two of the corners inside out so they fit neatly into the other side. Keep reading for how to do this.

For the corners, I turn one of the bottom corners inside out and place my hand inside it. I put my pointer finger in the corner seam so I can match it up exactly with the other corner on the other side of the sheet.

Then I put that corner right inside the corresponding top corner.

I repeat that with the other side and then it looks like this (above).

Then I even up all of the corners, top and bottom.

Next we start folding again. Secret #2: I fold crib sheets in thirds, like a letter. You can begin with folding the top down or the bottom up, it doesn’t really matter. For larger sheets, I draw an imaginary line in the center of the sheet and fold both the bottom and top edges evenly towards the imaginary central line. (The larger sheets end up being folded in fourths.)

Secret #3: Again make sure to square off the corners for crisp edges and pointed corners!

Fold the next side up or down. It will be long and narrow like the picture (above).

Again match up the corners the best you can and try to square them off the best you can. Secret #4: You’ll notice that because of the rounded, elastic edges, it won’t be totally square on the one side. That’s okay. The other side (the one opposite of the elastic) will have edges and corners that are more square. Those are the edges that will be facing outward when you finish folding.

Next you’ll bring one of the sides towards the center, folding in thirds again. For larger sized sheets, you can either fold towards the center again as you did in the earlier step — in fourths, or you can fold it over several times on itself. Depending on the size of the sheet, you may have a few more folds.

The last step is to fold it over again and tidy up the corners and edges.Yay! You did it. It’s all ready to be put in the linen closet! So what are you waiting for try it. To buy fitted sheet log on to our website

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