How To Promote Your Business Like A Heavyweight

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Published on October 14, 2014

Author: rosssimmonds



Wondering how to promote and generate buzz around your business? Instead of settling for the small ideas, take a few of these lessons from Fortune 100 brands and start implementing strategies and tactics that will help you achieve success. Small budget? No problem. Here are a few marketing ideas made for small & medium sized businesses.


2. Boxers who weigh over 200 pounds are considered heavyweights by the major professional boxing organizations. 200 200

3. Heavyweights have to work and train hard to get to where they are. They are literally the big guys.

4. If boxers were businesses, a heavyweight would be any brand found in the Fortune 1000.

5. Brands that every business should be looking up to for inspiration and ideas…

6. Yet many aren’t.

7. The greatest heavyweight boxer of all- time once said: "HĠ whŬ iƖ noƜ courageouƖ enougŊ tŬ takĠ riskƖwilŝ accomplisŊ nothinŁ iŨ lifĠ.”

8. In business, risk is one of the key differentiators between the companies that succeed and those who fail.

9. Promoting your brand on the same level as those big businesses may seem risky…

10. …but it’s one of those risks that, when taken, bring small and medium sized businesses to that next level.

11. Today, taking risks are a lot easier and cost-effective with the internet and digital marketing.

12. No longer are you bound to high billboard and advertising prices. You can promote like a heavyweight even without the heavyweight budget.

13. You just have to be willing to hustle and.. FOCUS ON YOUR CRAFT

14. Here are 4 tips with 4 great examples to inspire you and get you fired up to promote like a heavyweight:

15. HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS LIKE THE HEAVYWEIGHTS Leverage Reactive Storytelling Give Value More Than You Promote Inspire People Blow Minds

16. 1. REACTIVE STORYTELLING Ever heard of reactive storytelling? That’s exactly what relevant newsjacking is – telling your brand’s story though its reaction to current events. Main Point: Whatever’s trending, get your brand in on the action.

17. 1. REACTIVE STORYTELLING Know What’s Up: Oreo Oreo shared the following picture over their social media channels during everyone's favorite week on Discovery Channel – Shark Week.


19. 1. REACTIVE STORYTELLING Benefit of relevant newsjacking: Oreo is known for sharing humourous and timely content and because of that, they have high user engagement and are a universally known brand – online and in stores.

20. 1. REACTIVE STORYTELLING Some topics should never be used for marketing... Final Thought:

21. 2. GIVE VALUE MORE THAN YOU PROMOTE Share valuable insights or information with your audience instead of using every chance you get to promote your product or brand. Main Point: Give your audience just as much value as you give them promotional content about your brand.

22. 2. GIVE VALUE MORE THAN YOU PROMOTE Know What’s Up: LuLuLemon LuLuLemon is known for consistently sharing valuable content to their followers over social media. The following post fit with their audience and led to high engagement.


24. 2. GIVE VALUE MORE THAN YOU PROMOTE Benefit of Giving Value: LuLuLemon has a huge following on both Facebook and Twitter. Their non-promotional content provides value, while also leading their audience back to the brand’s story.

25. 3. INSPIRE PEOPLE Inspiring people is all about the power of emotion. Make them feel good and they’ll remember your brand for doing so. Mix your inspirational messages with a bit of reactive storytelling, and you’re at the heavyweight level. Main Point: People love content that makes them feel good.

26. 3. INSPIRE PEOPLE Know What’s Up: Beats by Dre A day after Stuart Scott – a popular ESPN announcer – received the Jimmy V Award for his fight against cancer, Beats by Dre uploaded the following picture to their Facebook page with a quote from his acceptance speech.


28. 3. INSPIRE PEOPLE Benefit of Inspiring People: You strengthen your brand. Beats by Dre has built a very strong brand by motivating and inspiring through celebrity musicians and athletes.

29. 4. BLOW MINDS If you follow NASA on Facebook or Twitter, you pretty much know how they like to blow minds on the regular. Main Point: You may not be NASA, but you can still blow minds. Blow minds by talking about what you're doing with non-profits and if you go above and beyond with customer service.

30. 4. BLOW MINDS Know What’s Up: NASA NASA has the power to share images with their followers that only they have access to, such as photos taken from the perspective of the International Space Station.


32. Not everyone has the same material to blow minds as NASA, but you can do it many other ways.

33. Check out TD Canada Trust’s Customer Appreciation Day campaign where they gave customers surprise gifts ranging from a simple $20 to a trip to Disney World.

34. For those lucky customers, MIND = BLOWN

35. This is how you blow minds: Show that you Care.

36. So go ahead - take a few risks Be willing to take risks.

37. Be willing to make mistakes.

38. And remember what Ali, the greatest heavyweight of all time once said...

39. "PeoplĠ whŬ havĠ nŬ imaginatioŨ arĠ peoplĠ whŬ havĠ nŬ wingƖ"

40. BUY THE ULTIMATE CONTENT GUIDE Stop blending in and start standing out. This content marketing guide will help you take your content marketing efforts to the next level. With case studies and specific activities for you to complete, this guide is a great resource for anyone looking to achieve real results from their content marketing efforts.

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