How to promote a magazine on Facebook? Social media marketing tips from PressPad

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Published on October 18, 2019

Author: presspad


1. How to promote your magazine on Facebook? Practical tips from PressPad

2. WHO ARE WE? WHAT WILL YOU FIND HERE? PressPad – the company creating mobile magazine apps, digital newsstands for PDF issues, and WordPress-based news apps. Practical tips on how to promote a magazine on Facebook.

3. Let's start by asking some questions. ?

4. Why should you promote your magazine on social media channels?

5. building brand visibility getting recommendations sharing content recognizing of the brand improving website traffic generating more revenues reducing marketing costs presenting content to a wide audience SOCIAL MEDIA HELPS WITH:

6. Why do we focus on Facebook? Look at the researches.

7. What are the most important platforms for publishers to grow audiences and brand awareness? source:

8. Which channel do people choose to consume news? FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM 76% 32% 21% source:

9. As you see, there’s only one social media king at this moment.

10. That’s why we focused on showing good practices of social media marketing on Facebook that can bring publishers enormous results.

11. How to promote a magazine on Facebook effectively?

12. Redirect users from Facebook to your own channels. Convert casual visitors into loyal users. Create a Facebook group.

13. Redirect users from Facebook to your own channels: website blog mobile app digital store

14. The increase in traffic on your channels gives more data on user behavior, which enables to better target readers with more content and offers for subscriptions.

15. How to motivate Facebook users to go to your sites?

16. Put the link to your channels on different places on Facebook: pinned post posts on newsfeed cover photo Facebook profile sections: about,

17. Change CTA button visible at the upper right corner of your magazine Facebook profile. Use App Visit Blog Sign up Newsletter

18. Look at “Essential Magazine Australia” Facebook profile: pinned post informs about their magazine mobile app CTA button encourages to use this app CASE STUDY

19. Convert casual visitors into loyal users and subscribers. People will stay with your content, if you engage them! subscribercasual visitor loyal reader ENGAGEMENT

20. We prepared three ideas of Facebook posts which engages people. Get inspired!

21. Ask people about the next magazine number cover before the issue is ready. The post can include an easy copy with two photos – “which one is better in your opinion?” Give people the power to decide, the expectation related to which one will win (“mine” or not?), and the satisfaction (when the result is compatible with their wish). They will follow the action just out of curiosity. IDEA 1.

22. Carry out a survey related to the topics readers want to see inside the magazine in the future. It makes them look forward to the next issue. When the work on the article will be in progress, gradually heat up the atmosphere: show a moving or a little bit controversial bit of the unpublished text which will for sure generate some discussion and make people look forward to reading the full version. IDEA 2.

23. Show something that readers won’t find in the magazine: behind the scenes of the interview, your daily work, members of your team. People enjoy it and have the impression that they get something special. It’s a way to show your brand from a different side. IDEA 3.

24. HINT! Take care of the parameters, readability and catching attention during fast scrolling by a thumb. Use vertical photography. It looks best on smartphones. 96%of active user accounts worldwide accessed the social network via mobile devices.

25. Create a Facebook group focused around a topic which is interested for your audience. ...

26. create your personal brand as an expert participate in a discussion in a substantial way encourage others to trust you be in touch with readers observe people and know their needs have much more information than any analytics or monitoring tools without spending money Thanks to Facebook group you will:

27. “New Yorker” brought to life the Facebook group called “The New Yorker Movie Club”. What can we read in the group description? CASE STUDY

28. “In this group, one of our film critics, Richard Brody, will share weekly movie recommendations and discuss them with our community of film lovers. We also hope you’ll use this space to analyze and dissect your favorite (or least favorite) movies of the season, as well as notable films from the past. Beyond Richard’s contributions, other movie-obsessed New Yorker staff writers and editors may even weigh in with their own thoughts!

29. RESULTS? 30.000 members since July 10, 2017

30. You’ve almost come to the end of this presentation. Now, turn all PressPad tips into practice and enjoy your readership growth!

31. @presspadapp +1 888 712 0331 LET US KNOW! Questions? Comments?

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