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Information about how to prevent office theft

Published on March 20, 2014

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How to avoid employee theft of office supplies: How to avoid employee theft of office supplies Is it a major issue??: Is it a major issue?? You may not think that the occasional biro making it’s way from the office to your home , is a massive issue for businesses. And realistically speaking, this happens on a daily basis in most offices. There’s no malice involved. No real dishonesty but in the current climate (or indeed in any climate), businesses need to control operational costs, including the cost of replacing stolen office supplies. There are also those few unscrupulous individuals who do much more than “accidentally” take home the odd pen. Why do employees steal?: Why do employees steal? The reasons for employee theft include:- Lean economic times D enial of salary increases and promotions F ear of redundancies and anger at employers Opportunist theft - Those individuals who just can’t resist the lure of an “easy” gain How can an employer prevent it?: How can an employer prevent it? A theft-prevention plan should focus on creating an ethical environment through clear policies and consistently applied procedures. The smaller the business, the more like overkill theft-prevention efforts will seem, but the small business can be hit hard by the accumulation of small losses How to produce a theft prevention plan: How to produce a theft prevention plan Step 1 Examine the company’s processes for the purchase and distribution of office supplies. This will help to identify the places at which theft can occur. For instance, identify employees who frequently need replacement items or ask about the disappearance of office supplies from common areas such as mail rooms . Step 2 Perform background checks and check references before hiring employees. PowerPoint Presentation: Step 3 Ask employees for their feedback and suggestions for preventing the theft of office supplies. Invite employees to contribute to the prevention plan, including policies, procedures, and consequences . Step 4 Assign specific employees to purchase and distribute supplies. For instance, have your accounting staff order supplies and your office manager monitor and distributes the supplies. PowerPoint Presentation: Step 5 Designate a place to store office supplies under lock and key -- such as a cabinet, closet or desk drawer -- and provide access to specific employees. Limited access ensures accountability. Step 6 Create clear, simple policies covering the theft of office supplies. List the items defined as office supplies, such as paper, pens and tape dispensers, so employees understand what the policy covers. Define theft in the policy, such as removing supplies from the workplace for use at home. PowerPoint Presentation: Step 7 Include in the policies the investigative process, such as requirements to refrain from making accusations until facts are gathered and the company can document the action it takes. The policies should include a method for employees to confidentially report suspected theft and the consequences employees face if caught stealing office supplies, such as reprimand, suspension, termination and legal action. Step 8 Develop procedures for the purchase and distribution of office supplies and focus on controlling spending. One method is to limit the purchase of supplies to monthly or quarterly orders. Your company can ask each employee to list the items needed on an order sheet that is submitted for approval by a manager or other supervisor. Require employees to sign for office supplies for use over a predetermined period, such as a month, or to request supplies when needed . PowerPoint Presentation: Step 9 Distribute the policies and procedures in written form, require employees to sign the document and provide clear communication that the company takes office supply theft seriously and does not consider it to be different from stealing money or merchandise. Step 10 Lead by example and set the tone for ethics and trust in the company by adopting those values in all areas of the business and ensuring that the theft-prevention plan is enforced fairly and consistently. In Summary….: In Summary…. Stealing in the workplace will never be eliminated, but it can be greatly diminished if companies are proactive and tackle the problem. Do not underestimate the need for this kind of control on office supplies. A system such as this will deter employees from requesting supplies they do not need, and that is money saved for the company on office supply purchases. CONTACT US: CONTACT US 08451 701 601

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