How to prepare for UPSC 2020

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Published on September 16, 2019

Author: Jatinvermaiasacademy


slide 1: September 16 2019 How to prepare for UPSC 2020 How to prepare for UPSC 2020 Success in UPSC Civil Services Examination 50 Knowledge + 50 Strategy. So both knowledge and strategy are important to clear this exam. Know your enemy: The UPSC Civil Services Examination is a 3 stage examination. Its tentative schedule is given below: Prelims – June 2019 Mains – September 2019 Interview – Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 1 / 4 slide 2: The marking scheme of the Mains and the interview: Paper Paper Name Marks Paper 1 Essay Writing 250 Paper 2 General Studies – I 250 Paper 3 General Studies – II 250 Paper 4 General Studies – III 250 2 / 4 slide 3: Paper 5 General Studies – IV 250 Paper 6 Optional Subject-Paper 1 250 Paper 7 Optional Subject- Paper 2 250 Total for written test 1750 Personal interview 275 Grand total For final rank assessment 2025 Few doubts in the minds of aspirants 1. Is this exam invincible Certainly not. It is like any other completive examination in which you need thorough preparation. The subjective pattern of the Mains exam just makes it unpredictable. 2. It requires many attempts Many toppers have passed it in their 1 attempts. Do not count the attempts. Just prepare well. You will succeed even if it takes 4 attempts. This exam needs 2 years of preparation for an average candidate. Prepare every paper. Don’t fall into the trap of specially preparing optional papers at the cost of general studies papers. 3. Prelims 2020 is 8 months away what should be the strategy First and foremost download the UPSC CSE syllabus and previous year UPSC question papers. Study and prepare your optional subject with a focus on UPSC syllabus of optional paper 1 and paper 2. Get the print out of the UPSC syllabus and learn it thoroughly. Keep referring it whenever you need to connect the topics. Don’t read core UPSC books at the start. Start reading newspapers preferably — The Hindu. Follow daily current affairs regularly on the Also read the daily important articles. Buy a map of India Both political physical and the world. Place them where you study. Also buy a good School Atlas. Try to find places in the news in the map. Learn about the surrounding geographical features like rivers mountains etc. Your map marking skill is definitely going to give you extra marks in the Prelims and Mains exams. Watch these videos over YouTube to boost your basics.: Watch Pradhanmantri TV Series st 3 / 4 slide 4: 4 / 4

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