How to Prepare for SSC Exam

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Information about How to Prepare for SSC Exam

Published on January 9, 2018

Author: digitalgenius


slide 1: How to Prepare for SSC Exam slide 2: Go through the syllabus and Pattern 1. Make a plan of action 2. Have this syllabus handy always. 3. Pin it somewhere in your study room 4. Last 3-4 years would be enough to understand the pattern of SSC 5. If there is any change there would bean official notification on the website. slide 3: Collect Study Material • Do not get involve in many sources. • Just one or two would be enough • You do not have to research on any topic. Just study it accordingly • Online sources is also a good option but do not involve too much into it. • Make sure all the sources are handy at the time of revision. slide 4: Mock Test • Mock test helps in panic situations when you are actually taking up the test because you have already gone through them • Take up mock test in between the study as well so you know your level and prepare accordingly. • Do not wait for the syllabus to finish • These test are best way to analyze and modify your plan of action if required slide 5: Tricks and short methods • It is a good option to cope-up with time management but too much of it can be harmful • Take help of these tricks on the solutions which is repetitive. • Be confident in what method you know and make sure you excel in it. • There is no magic in these tricks that your answer will be correct always. You will end-up being confused of used in every solution. • There is only one way to the success and that is your hard work. slide 6: Focusing on strengths only • It is a good way to build-up confidence that you have started with what you already know • However focusing on just that will eventually give you bad results • Spread your plan of action evenly. • To make sure you do not procrastinate while doing difficult topics indulge in some weekend classes for clearing doubts or anything like that. slide 7: How to Make notes • Keep all the sources handy. It will help at the time of revision • Notes should not be too lengthy and just give a hint so that you will yourself try to memorize. If not then go for the reference material you have written. • Note down all the sources in your notes • Either make it online or offline. Both will help. • Bookmark the important web pages • Create a different folder for all the reference PDF and document. slide 8: Day schedule • Do not skip a day when you did not study. • Make it less number of hours in case of emergency but just make sure you will not procrastinate later • At the end of the day- Revise –Revise all that you have studied • It will help building up the confidence and firm your determination. slide 9: Alterations needed • If there is any need to change your plan of action do it. • Do not pressurize yourself mentally. • May be it is not happening due to some or other loopholes. • Make changes and try again • Take it as a challenge and you will go through it at the end. slide 10: Thank You For detailed notes go through this article- /01/ssc-cgl-exam-2018-syllabus.html For other preparation and queries go through this site-

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