How To Prepare For A Beach Wedding

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Information about How To Prepare For A Beach Wedding

Published on October 20, 2017

Author: weddingabroads


slide 1: How To Prepare ​ ​For ​ ​A ​ ​Beach Wedding Preparing for Cape Town beach weddings ​ ​is not as easy as it looks. You have to consider a lot of things prior to it. Nonetheless beach weddings Cape Town ​ ​can be an incredibly beautiful experience for everyone. Its worth the trouble. Well if you are keen on a beach wedding here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Private ​ ​or ​ ​public ​ ​beach ​ ​wedding There is one major decision that you are going to have to take early on. Where do you want it Would you prefer a public ceremony or an intimate private ceremony Also though this may not seem like an important aspect to consider you will be surprised to hear that people argue over the kind of sand they want for their wedding No kidding If you are planning a smaller wedding with fewer guests then its better to go for a private property. You will come across many on secluded beaches. It can be a comfortable setting for the guests the couple and the family. However we would like to warn you that you need to start looking early on into the wedding planning. Finding a vacant secluded beach can be a big task as many prefer beach weddings these days. If you are unable to find a secluded beach you slide 2: can go to a public beach but you may need to get the necessary permissions from the ​ ​respective ​ ​authorities ​ ​well ​ ​in ​ ​advance. Reception ​ ​vs. ​ ​ceremony While on the topic of beach weddings Cape Town ​ ​you have to choose between reception and ceremony. That is will you be having the both the ceremony and reception on the beach or just one of the two Cape Town beach weddings ​ ​are indeed beautiful. However some people prefer a ceremony on the beach and reception in a different settinglater on. If you wish to have both the ceremony and the reception on the beachfront it may bring a few challenges. You may have to look intopermits and ordinances. This is something you’ll have to decide on first before you move on to other important aspects of a ​beach wedding ​. As far as food and drinks are concerned on the beach you may have to go for a bigger arrangement. The best approach is to have the ceremony on the beach and then move on to another location for your reception festivities. You can find beautiful reception ​ ​venues ​ ​closer ​ ​to ​ ​the ​ ​beach. slide 3: Ordinances ​ ​and ​ ​permits ​ Beach rules are not the same everywhere. Different locations might have different rules. You will have to check with the local government to learn more about the permits and ordinances regarding this. If you follow the regulations properly you will ​ ​have ​ ​a ​ ​smooth-running ​ ​event. Furthermore ​ ​the ​ ​size ​ ​of ​ ​the ​ ​guest ​ ​list ​ ​matters. ​ ​Some ​ ​beaches ​ ​may ​ ​have restrictions ​ ​on ​ ​the ​ ​size ​ ​of ​ ​the ​ ​crowd. ​ ​So ​ ​be ​ ​sure ​ ​to ​ ​check ​ ​in ​ ​with ​ ​the ​ ​authorities before ​ ​you ​ ​send ​ ​out ​ ​the ​ ​invitations ​ ​especially ​ ​if ​ ​you ​ ​are ​ ​interested ​ ​in ​ ​weddings ​ ​in South ​ ​Africaas ​ ​someone ​ ​from ​ ​abroad. ​ ​Most ​ ​people ​ ​would ​ ​much ​ ​rather ​ ​opt ​ ​for ​ ​a private ​ ​ceremony. ​ ​But ​ ​this ​ ​might ​ ​not ​ ​be ​ ​an ​ ​easy ​ ​to ​ ​achieve ​ ​because ​ ​getting ​ ​the necessary ​ ​permissions ​ ​for ​ ​a ​ ​private ​ ​ceremony ​ ​as ​ ​this ​ ​in ​ ​itself ​ ​is ​ ​a ​ ​daunting ​ ​task. slide 4: CONTACT ​ ​US:- Name ​:- ​​ ​Sally ​ ​Haines Tal:- ​​ ​+27 ​ ​21 ​ ​531 ​ ​4863 Email:- ​​ ​​ 1 ​ ​Woodlands ​ ​Close ​ ​Pinelands 7405Cape ​ ​Town ​ ​South ​ ​Africa Website ​:- ​​ ​​

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