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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: shirazwasif



my session on preparing CV and job interview

Preparing CV and Job Interview Shiraz Ahmed | Faculty | Facilitator | Coach ICMA Pakistan Karachi, June 20 2011

This workshop has 2 sessions 1. Personality image 2. Applying for job and interview

Introductions • First Name • Company name • One strength • One weakness

Your Personality Image  It takes 30 seconds to make an impact.  Career isn’t only about doing a job but it is: a. b. c. d. Exposure with people Networking Credibility Visibility

Personality Image what you do, 10% how visible you are, 60% how you do it, 30%

Applying for Job Consider 3 things: 1. Know yourself 2. Set your goals 3. Prepare a powerful CV

1. Know yourself • Personality and attitudes • Skills and achievements • Strengths • Interest

2. Set Your Goals • What do I want? • Your challenge / dream • Your job interest • Don’t apply for every job • Find a match between your skills and job requirement

3. Prepare powerful CV Remember 6 points! a. Visual signpost – your name with address and contact b. Your headline / USP – your instant picture, what you have to offer! c. Key skills – what are you good at

3. Prepare powerful CV Remember 6 points! d. Career history with achievements – honors, awards, internships e. Education / qualification / trainings or certifications f. Personal details and interest – date of birth, areas of interest

Don’ts of CV  Title – except name  Salary – no need to mention unless asked  Reason for leaving  Photographs  Personal – height, weight, political / religious affiliations  References  Gimmicks – don’t use color paper  Humor – avoid jokes

Job Interview

1. Prepare • Read Job description / specification • Organization information • Selection process

2. Making Entrance • Smile • Making eye contact with interviewer • Shaking hand

3. Body Language • Set hands free • Cross legs • Avoid refreshments

4. Sell Yourself • Prepare examples and stories • Challenge – what you do - result

5. Questions from interviewer • What are your strengths? • What weaknesses do you have? • Why do you want this job? • What is your future plan?

6. Questions you should ask? • Learning and growing opportunities • Taking own or new initiative

6. Exit • Smile • Thanks!

Reflections & Actions Take few minutes for reflection…. What did you learn? Actions you are going to take…. How you will apply this learning in daily life?

Shiraz Ahmed E: fb: shiraz.wasif in: shirazwasif

Thank You

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