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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: rdrysdale


Hi! Rhea Drysdale
 CEO, Outspoken Media | @Rhea How to Plan for Long-Term SEO

#smx #21A | @Rhea What makes a website great?

#smx #21A | @Rhea The single greatest factor in the success or failure of a site is… 

#smx #21A | @Rhea “Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.”  Jim Collins

#smx #21A | @Rhea We make choices.

#smx #21A | @Rhea The wrong choice can result in a costly mistake.

#smx #21A | @Rhea Like choosing vanity goals without the big picture. Trusted, single domain 7 new microsites

#smx #21A | @Rhea Or choosing shortcuts without weighing the risks.

#smx #21A | @Rhea

#smx #21A | @Rhea Human behavior forces algorithm updates.

#smx #21A | @Rhea This is why we can’t have nice things!

#smx #21A | @Rhea Paid Directories   Press  releases   Sponsorships   Associa2ons   Content Blog  posts   Ar2cles   How-­‐to’s   Linkbait   Videos   Interviews   Other   Outreach Rela2onship   development   News  men2ons   Blogrolls   Product  giveaways   Contests   Invest in Strategy, Not Tactics Understand how to market your business and communicate the risks.

#smx #21A | @Rhea Innovations in search 
 demand change. 
 Are you ready?

#smx #21A | @Rhea Iden2fies  a   problem   Cul2vates  talent   Understands  their   audience   Provides     value   Brands   Be a brand. Every great, long-term brand…

#smx #21A | @Rhea

#smx #21A | @Rhea Problem / Mission Unique products, customers = friends, and engaged buying decisions

#smx #21A | @Rhea Talent Company mission permeates the entire team

#smx #21A | @Rhea Audience Millennial woman who love unique clothing, accessories & decor

#smx #21A | @Rhea Strategy Engaged community; make customers feel great about themselves

#smx #21A | @Rhea Diverse category offering builds natural links

#smx #21A | @Rhea Results $100 million in sales in 2012, 40% annual growth rate

#smx #21A | @Rhea Industry Opportunity Complex wants to achieve  at  least  1  billion  video  views  in  2014.

#smx #21A | @Rhea Audience Reach:  Influen2al  young  males  (16-­‐40)  ready  to  buy,  collect  and  obsess.

#smx #21A | @Rhea Strategy Multi-media platform--multi-domains and sizeable investment in video. Develop original programming with editorial integrity. +

#smx #21A | @Rhea Results 90 million monthly unique visitors across all brands

#smx #21A | @Rhea

#smx #21A | @Rhea

#smx #21A | @Rhea Industry Innovators The future of journalism—explanatory journalism, experienced team, and trustworthy news that informs marketers on how to take action / succeed. “Danny Sullivan has created a place for all the search news, all the time. He’s leveraged all those interesting bits into live events and even lead generation. It’s a new model for a digital news business.” Marc Andreessen

#smx #21A | @Rhea Ranks  3rd  on  Google  for     “hummingbird”     Using  Search  Metrics:   458  backlinks   266  referring  domains        

#smx #21A | @Rhea Say hello!
 t: @Rhea | @outspokenmedia

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