How To Perform A Hard Reset In Your Hp Pavilion Laptop?

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Information about How To Perform A Hard Reset In Your Hp Pavilion Laptop?

Published on December 11, 2017

Author: hpsupportaus


How To Perform A Hard Reset In Your HP Pavilion Notebook? : How To Perform A Hard Reset In Your HP Pavilion Notebook? Hard Reset In Your HP Pavilion Notebook: Hard Reset In Your HP Pavilion Notebook HP has garnered all the kinds of reviews but mostly positive. The drive which keeps this brand going is the users, they are extremely loyal to the brand and that keeps the focus to build great devices always. The new HP Pavilion Notebook convertible focuses on lifestyle trends and push broader elements like Micro Edge Display design, metal finishes, USB Type-C ports, and great audio tuning. Continue…: Continue… Also, they want to create a system where the users can explore more into the device and therefore, not be scared of failure or error. Thus, they ensure that no matter where the exploration leads to, the users can troubleshoot maximum amount of issues through hard reset. Continue…: Continue… The hard reset is also a great troubleshooting method if your computer does not startup or boot into Windows. HP Support claims performing this factory reset procedure corrects many problems like if the device fails to startup or freezes in between, etc. Since most of the issues starts with the lack of maintenance, thus, one must always be careful about the maintenance of the computer. Continue…: Continue… Steps To Perform Hard Reset In Your Laptop : Disconnect all the external devices from the PC and remove all USB devices and SD media cards . Unplug the AC power adapter, remove the battery . After doing all the above, press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds to drain all residual power and restore default startup settings. Continue…: Continue… Now plug the AC power adapter back in but do not insert the battery . Then press the  Power  button until you see the glowing lights near the caps lock and num lock keys or you can hear the sounds of a fan or other moving parts while turning on the device. Continue…: Continue… If your computer starts normally, then the problem has been fixed and your computer has been rest to the factory settings once again. Now you can use your laptop in the same way again after setting up for the first time . In case, this method fails to troubleshoot your problem, describes your issue to our technical assistance team. You can contact us by calling on this toll free number 1800-817-695 . We can resolve all your technical issue with HP laptop, our team is trained in the field to offer the best service. Slide 8: Original Source: https:// If you have any more issues related to HP Products, just give us a call on this number 1800-817-695 for more info visit our website at HP Laptop Support Thanks for watching!

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