How to pass 1Y0-301 Exam In First Attempt

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Information about How to pass 1Y0-301 Exam In First Attempt

Published on October 13, 2017

Author: Joise5


slide 1: How to pass 1Y0-301 Exam In First Attempt slide 2: Designing Citrix Xendesktop 7.6 solution 1Y0-301 is an idea certification offered by Citrix. It is an ideal program and you can become Citrix certified professional by passing this Citrix certified expert virtualization 1Y0-301 Practice Test with Testmayor. If you are looking for a job and not getting any response from potential employers then certification of Citrix 1Y0-301 can help you out in securing a good job with high pay. IT professionals always prefer to become certified with 1Y0-301 exam pdf dumps and this becomes possible by passing the Citrix 1Y0-301 certification exam. slide 5: Which set of components and services are specific to the FlexCast Management Architecture FMA A. Citrix Studio site database Data Collector Citrix Director B. StoreFront Delivery Controller Citrix Studio SQL High Availability C. Virtual Delivery Agent Delivery Controller site database Citrix Director D. Local Host Cache Citrix Studio Delivery Controller Virtual Delivery Agent Correct Answer: C slide 6: A Citrix Engineer could use __________ to enable high availability for XenDesktop site databases. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence. A. SQL Server 2008 SP2 Cluster B. SQL Server 2012 SP1 Express C. SQL Server 2012 SP1 with Replication D. SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 with Mirroring Correct Answer: D slide 7: Which two ports should be used for communication between the Virtual Delivery Agent and the Delivery Controllers Choose two. A. 80 B. 443 C. 636 D. 1494 E. 2598 Correct Answer: AB slide 8: What is required by NetScaler Gateway when enabling remote access in a XenDesktop deployment A. An LDAP bind account B. A connection URL to the hypervisor C. A root certificate from the internal CA D. The IP address of the RDS License Server Correct Answer: A slide 9: Where should a Citrix Engineer import a self-signed hypervisor host certificate in order to use a host connection URL in a XenDesktop/vSphere deployment A. Personal B. Trusted People C. Enterprise Trust D. Trusted Root Certificate Authorities Correct Answer: B slide 10: Which two other database server permissions are required in a Provisioning Services farm in addition to execute permissions on the stored procedures Choose two. A. db_owner B. db_datawriter C. db_datareader D. db_accessadmin E. db_securityadmin Correct Answer: BC slide 11: Which switch is required to install Citrix Receiver with pass-through authentication A. includeSSON B. enable_SSON C. enable_Kerberos D. ALLOWSAFEPWDS Correct Answer: A slide 12: A Citrix Engineer needs to restart the __________ after enabling offline database support in the Provisioning Services Console. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence. A. SQL Service B. target devices C. DHCP Service D. Stream Service Correct Answer: D slide 13: When deploying Provisioning Services without PXE services which two DHCP scope options must a Citrix Engineer configure Choose two. A. 67: Bootfile Name B. 44: Name Servers C. 61: Client Identifier D. 13: Host Name String E. 66: Boot Server Host Name Correct Answer: CD slide 14: Which two pieces of information are required when using Citrix Studio to connect a Delivery Controller to a hosting infrastructure Choose two. A. Hypervisor address B. Hypervisor credentials C. Hypervisor management VLAN D. Hypervisor high-availability server address Correct Answer: CD slide 15: “1 0-HAPPY- CO DE ” slide 16: Thank for staying with us

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