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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Ramillav



This presentation explores the concept of news jacking that can be leverage by content marketers or any entity that needs visibility online through press and news outlet

NEWSJACKING “Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and generating tons of media coverage and social media engagement.”

NEWSJACKING Prepared by Lawrence Villamar

CONCEPT If you have ZERO capability to break news as you don't have a network of journalists on ground: settle for the NEXT BEST THING.

REMEMBER As a business news outlet: ● Our content is news dependent ● Quality is a huge factor ● AP Style is recommended ● Copyright laws should be observed ● No Scraping ● Add on Value ● Timeliness


News Spread Like Innovation Like in innovation, news diffuses pretty much in the same manner. There are different stages characterized by the type of people involved in each stage: innovators (news makers), early adopters (it may or may not be a news outlet), early majority (those who are influenced by a news outlet) and late majority (who maybe offline but are told by online friends by word of mouth about the news).

EXAMPLE ● A news is broken on Twitter by an outlet (innovator) with 1 million followers (early adopter) who all re tweet them to friends and their follows reaching critical online mass (early majority). It is then pick up by TV networks who reaches offline readers (late majority) who then goes online for more information

Reminders ● We want to capture traffic just before a topic or story breaks into early majority (where there is critical mass and less competition)

How Do We Do This? By producing relevant (news dependent) content with add on value (to differentiate from competition) and produce it fast (critical mass, less competition). ● Hoffman Dies > Wall Street Breaks the Story > We produce content relevant to the news e.g. “Top Five Films Starring Hoffman”


GOOGLE TRENDS ● A writer wanted to write on “Devil Baby” last February 4, 2014. I use Google Trends to show that traffic for the article has already peaked.


GOOGLE TRENDS Using the chart, you will see that “Devil Baby” peaked last Jan 15-17. So writing on the topic on February 4 is untimely.


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