How to Maximize Your Radio Interviews to Sell More Books!

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Information about How to Maximize Your Radio Interviews to Sell More Books!

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: spokenwordpress



With so many writers self publishing and promoting their own books, many are taking advantage of the new Internet radio shows that promote authors. This easy to read guide shows authors how to maximize their 15-30 minutes of 'fame' by maximizing their radio interviews and increasing their book sales.

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How to Maximize Your Radio Interviews to Sell More Books! By Lynda D. Brown Host of the Author Chat Show

How to Maximize Your Radio Interviews to Sell More Books! The significance of authors being interviewed on the radio has changed dramatically in the past few years. With the increase of Internet radio shows, or podcast, authors have a greater opportunity to promote their books. I'm keenly aware of these changes as the host of my own weekly radio podcast, Author Chat with Lynda D. Brown on Since most Internet shows broadcast for fifteen minutes to an hour, and are centered around just one guest, authors have the advantage of expounding on all their books, and telling listeners how to connect with them online, as opposed to a broadcast radio and television show, where you’re on the air for five to ten minutes and only get an opportunity to mention your books and websites once or twice. When I book a guest on my show, they receive a link to the show and a link to my Author Chat Facebook Fan page. The show link includes the blogtalkradio player, with rotating images of the authors book covers, a picture of the author, an abbreviated author bio and information about the new release. The Facebook page has an image of the book cover, and a lengthy description of the author’s bio. Authors are encouraged to post the links to their author website and social media sites and Share them with family, friends and fans. Authors should also ‘Tweet’ about their upcoming interview, and post updates about the interview on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. If you’re on Instagram, post a picture of you, your book cover and the date and time for your interview. also offers a great On-demand feature for listeners who are unable to listen to the live broadcast. It’s available about fifteen minutes after the show airs. Many authors don’t realize the importance of readers listening to authors share information about themselves, their books and their writing process; it gives readers a sense of connecting to their favorite authors. Copies of your interview should also be added to your electronic media kit. Authors are also using Virtual book blog tours to promote their books, all over the world. Many virtual book tours feature authors and their books on other people’s blogs, as guest bloggers, and on several Internet radio shows. I’ve done several virtual book tours to promote my books and not only do you expose your books to a new group of readers, but they are also a lot of fun to do. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your interviews: 1) Be prepared: When I interview an author the first thing I ask them to do is tell the listening audience about themselves. Keep it short, and interesting. Next I will ask about the book. How did you come up with the title? Give us a brief synopsis about the book. 2) Once you’re invited to do an interview, log onto the Internet and listen to a couple of past shows so you can get the feel of the host and the pace of the show. Things you want to consider: Does the host allow listeners to call in and talk to the author? Do they take commercial breaks?

3) Make sure the host has provided you with the call in number. Since you’re not in an actual studio, you can do the interview from virtually anywhere. I recently interviewed an author on my show that was out to dinner with his family, we could hear the noise in the background, so he went outside and did the interview in his car. I did the same thing a few weeks ago, because I didn’t make it home in time to do the show. Before leaving home that morning, I programmed the shows call in number to my cellphone. 4) Some host will request an electronic media kit so they can use the information to promote your interview. I always request a kit so I can use the image of the book cover, the author’s picture and information from the author’s biography to upload to my blogtalkradio player, and my Author Chat Facebook fan page to introduce the author to my audience. 5) Do you have more than one book published? I will allow my guest to briefly mention all of their published books and will include jpeg images of their book covers on my sites to promote the interview. Make sure you check with each host to see if they will allow you time to discuss all your books. 6) Check with the host to see if they want you to provide a review copy of the book or a PDF copy. Most Internet radio shows will do an Amazon book review after the interview. I don’t require a review copy, because I’m too busy to read the book and do a review since I still work a fulltime job, but I hope to change this in the future. 7) Have a ‘hook’ to get listeners to contact you via email or social media. You can offer a free sample chapter of the book, a newsletter, etc. to encourage the listeners to connect with you, so you can capture their email address. If they like your books, you want to email them about future releases! 8) Have a notepad and pen next to you, so you can jot down information or refer to information that you want to share with the listeners and host. 9) Be engaging and upbeat. Nothing is worse than interviewing an author that you have to pull information out of. I know I’ve been there. I’d rather have an upbeat talkative guest as opposed to a silent, quiet guest any day of the week! 10) Opening and closing the show: Always thank the host for inviting you to be a guest, after the host introduces you. When the show ends, again thank the host for having you on the show. I always ask my guest if they have one last word for the listening audience. Instead of plugging your book again, try to leave an encouraging word or a great quote that pertains to your book. If you like feel free to email the host a thank you note, or post a thank you to the host on your website and social media sites. Lynda D. Brown, host of The Author Chat Show on Blog Talk Radio, author of The Author Chat Guide to Promoting Your Book on a Shoestring Budget, The Author Chat Guide to Converting Your Published Book into an Audio Book, Powerful Prayer to Protect & Bless Your Family, The Invisible Enemies Series, The Kingdom Kids Series. To purchase books for authors, click here:

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