How to Maximize the use of Google Calendar

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Information about How to Maximize the use of Google Calendar

Published on September 14, 2016

Author: divinebalubar



2. What an amazing Google! I thought it was just a mere browser!

3. It’s time to share with you what I discovered

4. First, you have to type into your browser

5. Then sign in to your gmail account

6. Once you are inside, look for the google apps icon

7. Behind this Google apps icon, are the Google’s Hidden Treasures

8. One of which is the Google Calendar

9. What is Google Calendar For?

10. It helps you keep track of your life events and daily schedule

11. Google Calendar app is designed to save you time and help you make the most of every day

12. So go ahead, click on the Google calendar app icon

13. So this is the Google Calendar in its week view default format

14. On the left side column you find the create button

15. Under it is a mini calendar of the year

16. Under the mini calendar is (your own) My calendar

17. Within My Calendar, is a default calendar for birthdays and Tasks

18. Within My Calendar, you can create other calendars too

19. Click the dropdown arrow

20. The click Create New Calendar

21. Write the name of your New Calendar

22. Write a description of your calendar

23. Write Also the Location

24. Then check your calendar time zone

25. You may share this calendar to a specific person by writing the email address

26. You can adjust the permission settings for each person

27. Example, add

28. Then click Make changes and manage sharing under permission

29. Click Add person button to include more

30. Write another email address in the box

31. Select See all event details as the permission setting

32. There you see all the emails and settings

33. In case you want to remove someone, just click the delete icon

34. Example, delete from your list

35. So there, evp.divine@gmail have no more access to this calendar

36. Now click the Create Calendar button

37. If this pop up warning asks you, just click yes or no

38. In case you don’t want your calendar be available to the public, click No!

39. Go back to the middle part of your screen under Calendar Time Zone then click Share only my free/ busy information

40. Click the Create Calendar again.

41. There you see a Project Tuesday calendar being added

42. Now let’s Explore the TASKS button

43. Click on it and you will see the tasks appear on another column

44. Here you can simply write a task or a to-do list

45. Click the Actions button below to manipulate your list

46. Among the actions you can do with the tasks list is to clear completed tasks

47. Then click Back to list

48. You can also sort by due date

49. View completed tasks or even Print the task list

50. Click the numbered list icon to refresh, rename, delete or create a new list

51. Click New List then write the Title in the box that popped out

52. There goes your VA TUTORIAL TASK

53. Click on the square under it to add a list to do

54. Example, write Research about Mailchimp then click the arrow

55. To set the due date, click the drop down arrow for the mini calendar

56. Just choose your preferred date then click

57. Under the due date you may write some notes or reminders about this task

58. Then click Back to list to add another task

59. Next, write Study Qwaya to the tasks then set the due date also

60. Again, Write a note under the set due date

61. Add one more task: Submit all assignment for VA

62. Set the due date on September 8, 2016

63. Again, write a reminder in the note box

64. Click the week tab to see your tasks plotted in your calendar

65. If you missed a task, just click on a particular day and time then write it in your calendar

66. Below My calendars could be other calendar of events shared with you

67. Click the dropdown menu and choose

68. Just click: add a friend's calendar, import or browse other calendars

69. During holidays, you may choose to display, hide or edit notifications

70. On the second column is the time broken down throughout the day

71. The days of the week follow on the next 7 columns

72. The days within the week start on a Sunday and ends on Saturday

73. The tabs on top, give you the freedom to view your calendar

74. You may opt to open it on a daily, weekly or monthly view...

75. Click Day to view on your schedule for the day

76. This is how it looks on a day view

77. Click Month and see the whole month view

78. Like a physical calendar you find the dates being spread out

79. You also have an option to view the 4-days of the week only

80. There is your 4-days view of your calendar

81. Now click AGENDA to view your written schedules or itineraries

82. In a summarized format you will see your schedule like this

83. Now it’s time to find out other features

84. Click the CREATE button on the left

85. Now you see the words Untitled Event

86. Highlight it then write your own title

87. Example write: ACCOMPLISH TUTORIAL : Picmonkey App

88. Then click date below your title to set the date

89. In the popped up mini calendar click 7 as your preferred date

90. Now you see your event is set on Sept. 7, 2106

91. Click the before All day if you want it to be on your calendar

92. Click the next box If you want to repeat this event

93. A pop up window like this will appear on your screen

94. Choose the preferred schedule from the dropdown menu

95. Example, click weekly

96. Decide how many times that it should be repeated

97. You may specify the preferred days

98. You can also set when you want to put an end to this event

99. Example, just type 2 if you want to end it after 2 occurences

100. Or simply click Never if you want it to be always on your calendar

101. Then simply click DONE!

102. Just click EDIT if you need to change something on it

103. Proceed to the Event details

104. Enter a location where this event will take place

105. Click Add video call if you need to call someone before or during the event

106. This calendar will automatically save in your own gmail calendar

107. Next, write any description or reminder about this event in this box

108. On the right side you may add or invite guests

109. Enter the guest email then click the Add button

110. You can control what the guests may do with your event

111. Guest may modify your event. If not then leave it unchecked

112. Guest may invite others to join your event, so check the box

113. Guest may see the guest list and see who are invited or attending

114. Or simply uncheck all the boxes if this is for your personal schedule

115. Then click the SAVE button

116. Click Add attachment if you need to attach any file, folder, image etc.

117. To make your calendar colorful or color-coded, you may click any of the colors for your event

118. If you want to be reminded before the event, set your notifications

119. If you want to be reminded an hour before, write 60 minutes

120. If you want to be reminded just 10 minutes before then it is up to you

121. But if there is no need for you to be notified then just click x

122. Click your preference whether available or busy

123. You can also adjust your visibility whether public or private

124. Scroll up and click the SAVE button

125. Your Calendar should look like this after saving your event

126. Click on it and a pop up window will appear like this

127. Click edit event if you need to otherwise just leave it as is

128. Or simply click Delete when done

129. Repeat the same process for other events within the day

130. Then don’t forget to click save

131. Another schedule is now added on your calendar within the same day

132. Again, click on it and this will pop out

133. Another event for another day...

134. Your calendar will now look like this

135. And this should also pop out when you click on it

136. Click on Agenda again to see these summary of your events

137. For additional changes click the settings button

138. And you will be directed in this Calendar Settings page

139. Scroll down and look for Week Starts on:

140. Now Change Sunday to Monday

141. Check Dim past events only

142. Click Yes, show weekends in week and month view

143. Then Click the Save button

144. So here is your calendar starting with Monday instead of a Sunday

145. Those are the features and functions of Google Calendar

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