How to Manage Your Money in Difficult Times

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Information about How to Manage Your Money in Difficult Times

Published on April 30, 2013

Author: Nigelsth



In this presentation, I will show you how to manage your money during difficult times. I will highlight some very simple ideas that you can use right now.

Managing Your Money inDifficult TimesPresenter:Nigel D. St.HillLife and Money Management Coach(246)

 The creative ways of our parents and grandparents. We can’t go back.

 Be willing to make changes. Get clear about your income, expenses, debtand true needs. Take consistent sustainable action. You must gain control over your money, or thelack of it will forever control you.

 You the shopper must recognize that you havethe power of choice. Buy items you use everyday-soap, toothpaste,toilet tissues-in bulk or large sizes. Stock upwhen they’re on sale. Make use of your BARP /AARP cards. Seebenefits and discounts directory.

 Beware of the subtleties. Credit offers frominstitutions. Why do you want or think you need this item?Could you live without it? Purchasing decisions made slowly areinvariably better decisions.

 There are always pressures on us to buy things. This leads to purchasing things you don’t reallyneed and buying without comparing values andprices. Know the difference between your wants andyour needs.

 Don’t miss a payment deadline. If you pay as you go, you avoid interestcharges on your purchases altogether. If you’re squeezed for cash, it is better to paya little rather than nothing at all.

 Don’t run up bills you can’t pay in full at theend of the month. Pay credit card bills on time to avoid late fees. If you feel you are not discipline enough tocarry out the above tips on your own, tellfriends what you are doing to gain support.

 Auctions are great places to get good buys,once you don’t get caught up and bid toomuch. Garage sales, flea markets, classified ads. Learn from your mistakes.

 Turn off the lights when you are not in theroom. Decide what you want before going into therefrigerator. Always turn the iron off during interruptions.

 Turn off the shower when soaping. Soap all dishes one time and then rinse. When washing the dishes, don’t leave thewater running. Fix all dripping taps.

 Toilet: Put a brick in the tank so that less fillsup the cistern. Or put some sand inside two plastic bottles toweigh them down. Fill the bottles with water, screw the lids on,and put them in your toilet.

 Make extra and freeze for later use. Boil only as much water as you need. Cook vegetables in just enough water to coverthem. Petrol- plan your trips.

 You must become discipline. Know the difference between a “top up” and aplan. Use the cell phone only when necessary.

 Always shop with a list. Buy only what is on that list. Buy only what you need.

Item C Mkt$lbSup Mkt$lbSup Mkt$lbCucumbers .50 1.35 1.07Cabbage 3.00 4.35 4.25S/peppers 5.00 6.61 5.39Carrots 3.50 4.19 4.67Yams 2.00 3.17 2.13

 Store fresh herbs (washed and sealed in plasticbags) in your freezer. Theyll stay fresh for amonth and defrost instantly when you want touse them for cooking. Spread butter on the cut side of hard cheesesto keep them from drying out in the fridge. Store your butter in the freezer; it will keepfresh for up to six months.

 We have forgotten how to delay pleasure. We are not contented to have just a DVDplayer or a TV. We have stressed ourselves over ourpurchases.

 Develop a power over purchases, instead ofallowing your purchases to have power overyou. “Do you want a drink with yourfries, sir/mam?” Nothing down, nothing a month.

 Learn to negotiate everything. Have the nerve to ask for discounts. Understand and use “walk away power.”

 A budget is a money plan. Knowing whereyou are. It tells you if you are living within yourmeans. It helps your family focus on common goals.

Presenter:Nigel D. St.HillLife and Money Management Coach228-1155www.moneyandabundance.comCopyright© 2009 Nigel D. St.Hill All rights reserved.

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