How to manage finance and risk in project

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Information about How to manage finance and risk in project

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: anastasiiaisakii


How to manage finance in project @nenemulan OCP national project virtual summit AIESEC Indonesia #StartFromYou

Financial Sustainability of Project

What is the goal of your project? How does successful project look like? Why are you doing this project? What contribution does it make for society?

Finance is the way of thinking!

Budgeting - the most important element of project management, and not just a tool of financial management. The content of budgeting is a technology planning, accounting, control and analysis of financial, information and material flows, and the results. Budgeting (planning and realization)

Cash flow management Cash flow is the movement of cash into or out of a business, project, or financial product.

§1 Intern §1 month iGCDP activity §1 iGCDP project (4 events) §Minimum concept per project (pessimistic concept) §Minimum budget per project (pessimistic budget) Minimum cost for:

Minimum Cost on Your Budget

Legality providing and control Control each stage of project to guarantee it’s quality. Make sure that all the processes have responsible person and are controlled strictly. Remember, that project is a brand not only for your local committee or city, but also for country, intern and co-operations.

How to save project • EPs raising in project; • Host-families; • Join clubs and communities; • Check TNs and ANs in advance; • Apply for grants and funds.

Make it happen!

Risk Management  sustainability and stability  Planning  Know that there are really inevitable risks, impossible to prepare for anything  Important to establish protocols and people responsible in case a crisis occurs

Need to be aware!!!  RULES  Members know what, when, how and who to report to in case of certain scenarios  Training their attention and analysis of determining events  Empowering them to feel comfortable enough to approach the committee  Reporting mechanisms

STAKEHOLDERS TNs Trainees Members General Public Satisfaction with the Trainee Accounts Management Safety & Well-being Satisfaction with the TN Integration with the LC Activities Well-being Growth and Development Job Satisfcation Reputation ICX Stakeholders : NEEDTO Check !!!

ICX PITFALLS MEMBERS PROCESS EXTERNAL FACTORS Lack there of attandend Lack of resources Restrictions to perform Lack of skills and knowledge Unwillingness to serve Ineffective delivery Nothing in place No experience or knowledge Weather Health and Safety Changes in Government Processes Define the weaknesses

ICX SOLUTIONS MEMBERS PROCESS EXTERNAL FACTORS Proper orientation and expectation setting Provide sufficient support Open communication lines Create protocols for ICX delivery and survival kits for trainees Proper expectation setting Create ICX Crisis ManagementTeam Keep yourself updated Keep key contact information of needed people/entities Need to be Improve

Define Risk Management

READ AIESEC Indonesia Risk Management and Control Procedure 69980

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