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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: abhayagupta7


SIMPLE VOLTIC CELL How to make a working model at home. -Dr. A.K. Gupta

Things you will need: 1. A Copper strip (3x 5 centimeter) 2. A Zinc strip (3x 5 centimeter) 3. A Plastic cup (Glass or Chinaware will do.) 5 cm 4. A Porous pot (Earthenware is equally good.) 5. Some wires 6. A soldering iron 7. A small LED or a voltmeter 8. Copper sulphate and Zinc sulphate You can buy the chemicals and strips from a chemical dealer or borrow them from your school laboratory. 5.5 cm

The size porous pot should be such that it fits into the plastic pot leaving enough space for Zinc strip. Further it should be a little longer than the plastic pot, so that the two liquids may not mix with each other. Porous pot Plastic pot

Now Let’s get started :1. Join wires to the two strips with the help of a soldering iron. ( Do this in front of an elder as the soldering iron is very hot,) Red wire on Copper plate as it is Positive. Green wire on Zinc plate as it is Negative. 2. Mix ½ tea spoons each of Copper Sulphate and Zinc Sulphate separately in 200 ml of tap water. These are your electrolytes.

3. Fill the porous pot with Copper Sulphate solution and half fill the plastic pot with Zinc Sulphate solution, as the level will rise when you will insert the porous pot in it.

4. Place the Copper strip in Copper Sulphate solution and the Zinc strip in Zinc Sulphate solution . Join the two electrodes with a voltmeter and watch the reading. 0.8 Volts

If you want to light an LED you need more voltage. For this you have to join two such cells in series. You can even run a wall clock with this combination !!!

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