How to Make Sure Your PPC Gets All the Credit

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Information about How to Make Sure Your PPC Gets All the Credit

Published on June 15, 2017

Author: hanapinmarketing


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2. Presenters • Danielle Gonzales – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – @DGonzoPPC

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4. Our Clients

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6. #thinkppc How To Make Sure Your PPC Efforts Are Getting The Credit They Deserve

7. Why Is This Important? ● We know PPC Efforts don’t exist in a silo ● #1 Reason is keeping your client better informed and to show them very clearly the impact that your PPC Initiatives are having on their business. ● There are a lot of indirect ways that our work impacts businesses and that info isn’t always readily apparent. ● This is particularly important when you have multiple channels running. You want to be able to show how content offers on LinkedIn led to increased number of demos on a website .

8. Overview ● Proper Tagging ● Path To Conversion ● Attribution Models

9. Tag Everything 1. Place All Publishers’ Conversion Pixels on thank-you pages resulting from any kind of “conversion.” This is especially important if you have PPC Specific landing pages. 2. Use Campaign URL Builder and Analytics to gain insight TAGS X

10. Campaign URL Builder Use this URL in your ad The Builder automatically generates the UTM parameters you will need to identify campaigns and ads in analytics.

11. See Performance In Analytics

12. How Goals Affect Each Other

13. Show Top Conversion Paths

14. Attribution Models Last Click Using “Last Click” gives all the credit to the last clicked ad and corresponding keyword that led to a conversion. This is regardless of how many clicks came before. First Click First click attribution gives all the credit to the first clicked ad and corresponding keyword, Regardless of the number of clicks that come after. Linear In this model, all clicks that lead to the conversion are given the same amount of credit.

15. Attribution Models Time Decay Time decay allows a weighted attribution, meaning clicks that happened closer to the conversion are given more weight than clicks that happened further away from the conversion. This is a good model to use if your business has a longer conversion cycle. Position-Based Position-based attribution refers to the position of click on a timeline. As an example, the first and last click ads and corresponding keywords are both given 40% credit, while clicks that happened in between the conversion path window are given 20%.

16. Attribution Models Data-Driven Data-driven attribution models automatically give conversion credit based on past data performance. If you have a new account or don’t have a ton of traffic, this model may not be available to you yet.

17. Attribution Model Comparison

18. Attribution Model Comparison

19. Attribution Model Comparison

20. Attribution Model Comparison

21. Other Things You Can Do ● Make sure you understand your client’s back-end tracking system or CRM ● Create a metric or formula for calculating the value of View Through Conversions ● Use an ROI model if it suits your vertical

22. Takeaways ● Ensure Tags are placed across the entire continuum of conversion actions ● Use the campaign builder to easily create UTM parameters that you can track in analytics ● Communicate top conversion paths and the impact goals can have on each other to your client ● Decide how to incorporate view through conversions into your reporting

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