How to make organic soap

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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: fengchuishaster



How to make organic soap.

How to made organic soap step by step

First we prepare buckets with 5 litres of water in each bucket.

Secondly we add 1kg of caustic soda at 99% into each bucket.

Now is the moment to add 5 litres of olive oil, or another type of oil, to each bucket. It is important to recycle to collet used oil.

Move the mixture in the same direction. DonĀ“t stop moving.

You will need to stir the mixture 1 hour, or more, until it turns this colour and begins to thicken.

When the mixture has thickened pour it in a container.

Leave the mixture to dry for 1-2 weeks before cutting it.

Now you can cut the tablet of soap into individual bars.

You must leave the individual bars to dry another two months. Until the bars are completely dried.

And finally we wrap the soaps in paper like this.

This is the finished product!

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