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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: valdomingos



A guide on how to make your branded content famous based on research of successful case studies


2. BROADCASTING HAS CHANGED Television • Push • Content determined by channel • One way communication • Targeted media planning • Long format media YouTube • Pull • Content determined by users • Interaction • Precise targeted media planning providing engagement • Snacking

3. ONLINE REQUIRES A DIFFERENT APPROACH L’Oreal Men Expert TVC 247k views since Sept 2011 Hugh Laurie getting his nails done 951k views since July 2011 Gillette sensitive skin TVC 37k views since June 2010 Roger Federer trickshot on shoot 10m views since Aug 2010 The Dyson Air Multiplier TVC 21k views since August 2012 Dyson Air Multiplier fans and a balloon 3m views since May 2010

4. 2 CORE CONSUMER BEHAVIOURS ON YOUTUBE Browse Looking to be entertained / ready for distracted Entertain / inspire through emotional storytelling HERO CONTENT What you want to communicate about your brand, packaged in a story which: makes an emotional connection, is memorable and invites further participation Search Looking for answers to questions Be the most compelling answer to the question HYGIENE CONTENT What your target audience is searching for and what your brand has to say about it

5. DIFFERENTIATE HYGIENE VS HERO Hygiene Hero Consumer Mindset for brand Communication Objective Media Strategy Pro-active Neutral at best Capture all searches in category/interests Engage with the brand. Trigger conversation Always on 100% targeted Burst Broad based reach

6. CREATE A HUB FOR YOUR FOLLOWERS HUB regularly updated destination of valuable and engaging content worth returning to: subscribe, like, follow Hygiene content be the most compelling answer to the question discovered through search Hero content entertain and inspire with emotional storytelling promoted through advertising



9. HOW TO MAKE CONTENT FAMOUS Formulate Create Evaluate 3. Be brave 4. Entertain your audience 5. Integrate your brand 1. Create a strategic platform 2. Seed your content 6. Listen and learn

10. 1. CREATE A STRATEGIC PLATFORM Firstly, know everything there is to know about your audience (and yourself) Think about the long term like Red Bull did years ago. Where is the brand going to? Do one thing really well, instead of lots of things mediocrely. LG owns prank videos with their product in its heart Be regular and reliable so your audience knows what it can expect Formulate Create a hero film to intrigue and hygiene film to inform Methodology to make content famous Red Bull YouTube channel is active since 2006 50+m views for LG’s pranks 2.5m subscribers for Dude Perfect Hero = ‘Be More Dog’ Hygiene = O2 Gurus

11. 2. SEED YOUR CONTENT Determine type of content and its purpose: Entertain, Inspire, Help, Convince. There’s more than a film: Seeding strategy is essential. No video will get famous without it. Great example is a film promotion First 24 hours are key to its success. Old Spice became the most watched YouTube channel in its first day Use an existing audience by partnering up (MCNs) if you haven’t established a following yet, like TRESemme Formulate Use owned, earned and paid media to make it famous. Implement a 360° approach Different types of content determined by objective Seeding started through TV broadcasting Old Spice: 6m views in first 24 hours All Things Hair channel created by TRESemme Generic 360° approach to make content famous

12. 3. BE BRAVE Have a POV and stand for something. What do you have to say as a brand? Evoke an emotion (joy, surprise, anger, sympathy, love) Be culturally relevant and be quick before someone else steels your success Go against the grain. Think beyond the usual to get people excited. Be original Don’t over-analyse. Create a simple. It doesn’t need a massive production Create Be clever and amaze your audience to increase shareability Diesel’s manifesto film has 1m views Schwarzkopf evokes through love First brand to tap into the ‘selfie’ Unusual film trailer to create stand out Sony makes product demonstrations fun Clever idea shot with CCTV cameras

13. 4. ENTERTAIN YOUR AUDIENCE First 5 seconds are important. Tell them what’s coming without revealing the plot Be surprising, add a twist. Create something unexpected at the end Have a clear, single-minded proposition . Don’t try to tell too much in one video Don’t limit yourself to tell a story but keep it interesting throughout Show real people in real scenarios. Genuine reactions work best. Don’t fake it Have a clear CTA at the end. Don’t lose your audience but tell them clearly what to do next Create Great way to intrigue is to flash forward Successful example of an unexpected twist Volvo demonstrates stability and precision 1-2 min content is most successful Heineken shows people’s genuine reaction Skittles gives viewer more video suggestions

14. 5. INTEGRATE YOUR BRAND Don’t create a viral, create a hero film that entertains the audience and gets the message across Tell a story, don’t sell a product. Create content and integrated your brand naturally. Don’t shoehorn it Don’t treat your content like an ad. People don’t want to watch ads, they want to be entertained Create Create a role for your brand and product. Nokia created a great film with their phone in its heart Humour used for serious topic Nivea created branded content purely to entertain Dove Sketches doesn’t feel like an ad Great demonstration of Nokia’s product benefit

15. 6. LISTEN AND LEARN Listen to your online audience, interact with them and try to understand them Learn from existing data and apply your learnings to future projects Analyse your data and keep optimising your content Evaluate KLM surprised fans with a special gift Use data and tools like YouTube Analytics Pepsi keeps creating better content

16. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY • 13-minute short film featuring Jaguar’s newest sports car • Directed by Adam Smith (Doctor Who) • Produced by Ridley Scott Associates • Starring Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actor Damian Lewis (Homeland) • Soundtrack by Lana Del Ray • Premiered at Sundance Festival Cost: $20m Total combined views: 370,000

17. RECAP: BECOMING FAMOUS Formulate Create Evaluate 3. Be brave 4. Entertain your audience 5. Integrate your brand 1. Create a strategic platform 2. Seed your content 6. Listen and learn




21. METHODOLOGY TO MAKE IT WORK Go back to slide 10

22. Go back to slide 11 RANGE OF CONTENT

23. INFLUENCER PUBLISHER PAID MEDIA CONTENT MAKE IT FAMOUS eNewsletter and direct online/ offline marketing Co-creation Links Traffic Links Co-host Traffic Promotion Traffic Co-created outreach content with partner sites and influencer bloggers PAID EARNED OWNED Hangout/ Twitter Party with experts, influencers and audiences Surround Content with supporting stories and data Link generating competition on 3rd party sites Social amplification Go back to slide 11

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