How to Make Data-Driven Decisions with Ecommerce Marketing

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Information about How to Make Data-Driven Decisions with Ecommerce Marketing

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: stukent



Learn how to make data-driven decisions with Ecommerce marketing using PPC (pay per click) within the Google Adwords platform.

How to Make Data Driven Decisions for eCommerce Marketing

Agenda ● State of Search Marketing Industry ● What Are Paid Search Jobs Like? ● What Is the Difference Between PPC & SEO? ● Why is Google AdWords So Cool? ● Google Display Ads vs Google Search Ads ● What Is A Paid Search Strategy? ● What Is Optimization? ● New Cool Fun Stuff In The SEM Space

So... • eCommerce is growing • Investment in online marketing is growing • Paid search is the most invested online strategy • Google is the dominant leader in paid search Learning AdWords is a pretty solid career move

Getting A Job As A Search Marketer Titles: Paid Search Analyst, PPC Coordinator, Search Engine Marketing Manager, Director Online Acquisition Marketing Agency vs In-House Salary Entry level: $30k - $40k 5 - 7 yrs experience: $100K - $130K

Paid Search Isn’t SEO Organic/Natural 70% of Clicks Paid Search/PPC 30% of Clicks Product Listing Ads

Why not just do SEO and always get free traffic? “Oh, man, that was so much easier than putting. I should just try to get the ball in one shot every time.” “Good plan.”

Adwords the most effective advertising medium ever?

A Word About Relevancy “Everyone hates advertising in general, but we love advertising in particular.” -Cindy Gallop

Relevancy Getting your message to just the right person at just the right time is worth a lot of money The big promise of internet marketing is precise targeting

Why does Paid Search work so well? Targeted Measurable Active

Targeted location, devices, searches, languages, time of day


Active Advertise to those who have proven their intent to purchase

Determine User Search Intent & Types of Searches Active

Use AdWords to prototype and test a book title ● Goal: use CTR to measure best book title ● 6 prospective titles 'Broadband and White Sand', 'Millionaire Chameleon' and 'The 4-Hour Workweek' ● Bid on keywords related to the book's content including '401k' and 'language learning' ● for less than $200 he knew that "The 4-Hour Workweek" had the best click-through rate by far

AdWords vs Google Display Network (GDN)

Display Ads Brand Awareness, Increase Visibility

Display Ad Remarketing

Setting The Paid Search Strategy Business: Boulder Subaru What management knows: Average Sale Price of new Subarus = $10,000 Lead Conversion Rate = 30% Budget = $2,000

How does Google determine which ad is shown & where?

Optimize Increase CTR Decrease CPC Increase Conv. Rate Increase Clicks

“boulder subaru dealer”

“mulching lawn mowers”

“acoustic electric guitars”

More Clicks - Expand Keywords

Bid Optimization Tools • Marin • Kenshoo • Acquisio

The Long Tail

Margin VS Volume

High CTR, Low Conv. Rate = Bad Landing Page?

Lots Of Impressions, No Clicks = New AdText?

High QS, Low Avg. Pos, Low CPA = Bid Higher?

More Cool Stuff Attribution Analysis

Remarketing Lists For Search

Dynamic Search Ads

AdWords Bidding Strategies Target CPA or ROAS

Read This Stuff (via RSS Blogs Books Purple Cow, Seth Godin Long Tail, Chris Anderson Web Analytics 2.0, Avinash Kaushik Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Cal Newport

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