How to make cookies.

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Information about How to make cookies.

Published on July 2, 2009

Author: spiriteater


How to makeCOOKIES : How to makeCOOKIES The Mama Says way STEP 1 : STEP 1 OK children…mama has a special way to make cookies. Its fast and easy. Step 1….get in your car! Step 2 : Step 2 After speeding down the road (75 mph in a 25 mph zone..cause that’s how mama does it)…get out of your car and walk into Wal Mart. *Quick Note* : *Quick Note* OK…this is a test from mama. Whenever I go into wal mart thos bums at the door treat me like a cheap hooker. NOT IN MAH BOOK! So when those low lives ask you “come with me ill make it worth your while”…BITCH PULL OUT THE PEPPER SPRAY! Step 3 : Step 3 After your game of “spray the bum”…enter the wonderful wal mart and proceed to get a cart. (cart will be explained in step 4) Step 4 : Step 4 When ya go into ya always buy more than you said you after grabbing everything you “need” off the shelves…get your ass to the cookie aisle and get those soft chocolate chip cookies that you know mama loves. Step 5 : Step 5 After you do that…go to the clerk lady (w/e you wanna call the bitch)…yell at her that she’s a horrible worker and is gonna end up doin “favors” for crack…get back in your car and instead of 75 mph go the extra 25 (meaning 100 mph in a 25 mph zone) Step 6 : Step 6 Oh no…you remember those annoying people from church are comin over and you have nothing for them,, uh HELLO this is about makin cookies mama style. We’re already ready. Just go get cleaned…throw your other shit in the closet! Step 7 : Step 7 OH lordy may…those dippys are here. Heres the final step in making cookies children. Open the package ya got from wal mart..shove em on a pan (neatly of course, image is everything) and if they ask why they’re cold…just say “I made em a couple hours ago…they cooled off” *Remember* : *Remember* This may not work for people who cant comprehend simple things. So if you cant figure out that 2 + 2 = 87… may not want to do this. BYE CHILDREN : BYE CHILDREN This has been a Mama Says production (SUBSCRIBE TO MAMA)

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