How To Make Bulletproof Butter Coffee

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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: ColinStuckert



Learn how Bulletproof coffee and a bunch of healthy fat is the key to insane amounts of all-day energy and mental clarity.

My morning recipe: Ingredients: ● Bulletproof Coffee Beans (the only coffee I will drink) ● Bulletproof Chocolate Powder (this stuff is amazing, helps add a dose of clean energy) ● Upgraded MCT Oil (a pure extracted oil from coconut oil. Higher smoke point and more concentrated-6x stronger version of coconut oil) ● 1 TBSP of Kerry Gold Butter (or 2 tbsp, this stuff is the ticket) ● 1 Drop of vanilla ● 1 teaspoon of Health Garden Kosher Birch Xylitol (this is a natural sweetener that is low in calories and has a low glycemic load) ● A dash of organic heavy cream Tools: ● an Aeropress (or any coffee maker, this just so happens to make the perfect cup of coffee) ● a mason jar or mug ● Kettle to boil water Process: 1. Brew coffee with preferred method 2. Place hot coffee in a blender with a spurge (about 1tbsp) of MCT oil, 1 tbsp of pastured butter, 1 tsp of chocolate powder (optional), a drop of vanilla, and a bit of sweetener (experiment here). 3. Blend until frothy 4. If you prefer it hot, drink your beverage. If not, proceed to next step 5. Place in freezer to cool down 6. Add ice after a few minutes and enjoy! Some common errors with Butter coffee: 1. Not blending. Always blend. 2. Not using MCT oil and using just coconut oil. Coconut oil tastes too coconuty. Solve this by using MCT can also cook with it at higher temps than regular coconut oil. It's a great product 3. Not using unsalted butter. Ya...that would be a terrrrible mistake... 4. Not using the best beans. You must try the Bulletproof Coffee Beans. They are amazing. This is the best value: The Upgraded Coffee Kit For more info on the Butter Coffee Recipe, check out: Here and Here Join The Gym Life Club Email List and get tons and tons of awesome content delivered to your inbox a few times a month...Completely Free...HERE

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