How to make buildings fire proof

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Information about How to make buildings fire proof

Published on May 31, 2019

Author: Builtifyin



2. What is fire proof construction • Fire proofing is rendering something resistant to fire, or incombustible; or material for use in making anything fire-proof . • Fire proofing construction of buildings meaning designing fire proof structures and using the materials which are more fire resistant making the buildings fire proof.

3. Why you should go for fire proof construction? • In modern days due to rise in population & urbanization pepole are making the cities overcrowded resulting high rise buildings and buildings with less surrounding space . • We uses many electrical appliances on daily basis which may be a source of fire if there is a short circuit and there are many other sources in houses that can be a cause of fire. • So we can not avoid the unexpected situation of our house catching fire and as the buildings are very close to each other once a house caught a fire will capture the other buildings. • If we do a fire proof construction then our building can resist the fire upto 1-3 hours and within that time we can escape or there will be less damage.

4. How to do fire proof construction of buildings? • Practically there is no building construction process which is fully fire proof. • But we can make Building which is fire resistant causing less damage. • For this the material which is used for construction must be fire resistant.

5. Designing of fire resistant buildings • Before the construction of buildings when the structural drawing is made for the building make sure the design of the building is fire proof . • Such as looking the space of the rooms and different room structures there must be emergency exit points . • When the building will catch fire the people can escape through emergency exist point . • According to the building structure there must be 2 type of exit point one is horizontal & another is vertical. • And building windows must be wider . • And the space between stair case border and wall must be wider because often it is seen that due to narrow space many people can't escape during such fire accidents. • Try to avoid any vertical opening in the house because they may act like chimney ,making the fire more intense

6. Using fire resistant materials. There is a large list of materials making the house fire proof. • Stone • bricks • steel • Concrete • heavy timber • upvc doors & windows • glass

7. Stone:- • Stones are also used in entrance hallway in home and also used to build compound wall. Granite, sandstone and limestone are used to build walls. • Stone has a higher capacity to withstand fire up to 13000C – 15000C,but it cannot resist sudden cooling and after getting hot when it gets cold it breaks down into pieces ,So try to use less stone in construction.

8. Bricks • Bricks are the best fire resistant material & mostly used for construction. • Bricks can resist upto 1300C temperature. • Rather than normal bricks use fire bricks which are more fire resistant as they can withstand the exposure of fire for a considerable time.

9. Steel • Instead of using wooden frames use steel frames for doors & windows for fire resistant structures. • Besides that steel is used in beams,columns ,roofs & different fixtures of building making the structure fire resistant.

10. Concrete:- • Concrete is the material for any building making it more fire resistant. • If the thickness of concrete is more it would be better. • If roofing is done with concrete then it is good for resisting fire.

11. Upvc doors & windows • Often we have seen that people use wooden doors which are fire prone & when any building catches fire first thing which catches fire is door & window. • So instead if we use Upvc doors & windows that would be a great choice for making the building fireproof because of it’s nature. • Upvc windows do not support combustion in fact they are self-extinguishing when the fire source is removed.

12. Why should I order Upvc doors & Windows from builtify ? • Builtify fabricates the uPVC doors & windows in house . • The uPVC doors & windows produced by builtify are processed through tedious process of quality checking. • Builtify uPVC doors & windows are customizable according to your requirement. • The price of uPVC doors & windows are affordable in comparison to peers.

13. Glass:- • Many times we use different material for decoration which are not fire proof. • But instead of that we must use fire resistant glass because of its low thermal conductivity. • Reinforced glass has a higher melting point and hence commonly used for making fire-resisting doors, skylight, windows etc. in construction work.

14. Timber • Timber is a very good option for constructing fire proof house. • When exposed to elevated temperatures, the mechanical properties of timber offer significant advantages over other structural alternatives. • In fire, timber forms a self-insulating char layer which provides protection for the unburned portion.

15. Follow safety measures

16. Electrical wire Audit:- • Electrical Audit is a need of every house but people often ignore it which we can see in surat incident . • many times the rat cut the wires or due to high temperature the copper wire melt within inside and causes many unexpected accident. • So it should be the first duty of every house owner to do electrical wire audit to ensure the house safety.

17. Why should I order an electrical audit from builtify? • Builtify provides the electrical audit service with great satisfaction . • They follow the proper guidelines to check the electrical audit . • They have proper skilled technicians with right tools. • They have a very good pricing policy.

18. Fire Extinguisher:- • There must be a fire Extinguisher installed in Every building after completion of construction,especially in commercial buildings & Apartments. • Again it is not a full proof solution because many people don’t know how to use it ,So the people of that building must be trained for how to use it or there should be the direction written beside it.

19. Water Sprinklers:- • People may also install Water sprinklers in the buildings ,but if the electrical wire is broken & the fire is due to short circuit then it is riskier to survive in that fire because people may be charged when the sprinkler sprinkles the water upon open wire.

20. Fire alarm:- • Fire alarm should be most important part of any building because it can awake even if you can not look every time each corner of your house.So installing Fire alarms is best for your house.

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