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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: MarkHatjakes



The elusive viral video. How do you make one? How does it spread? This presentation guides you through the process of shifting your mindset to that of your viewer through emotional marketing. I take you through brainstorming your idea, shooting your video and promoting it organically via social media and through paid promotion in google adwords. Also, tips for building out your title and description as well as

Ten Tips to Take Your Business Viral Mark Hatjakes Please ask questions at any time. First, my story…

Why use online video? Video takes a bunch of boring text… and turns it into a 60 second story. Now, for some boring text: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. A user is nine times more likely to click on a facebook post with video Youtube reaches more adults 18-34 than any cable network 75% of ad agencies think that online video is as effective as television advertising A user will spend two to three times longer on your site if there is a video on your homepage You can tell your story in a new and engaging way, that taps into your customers’ *emotions* Distribute your story to an audience that larger than the Super Bowl audience, each month Online video is as effective and 1/4 the cost of television, radio, outdoor or print advertising Cited from: Nielsen / Adweek /

A video would’ve made that a lot easier. (for both of us)

Ten Tips to Take Your Business Viral Mark Hatjakes It’s about telling your story In a new way To more people It’s about building an audience While showing measurable results ! Now, let’s get into the zone…

Driver: Family Love | Vehicle: Nostalgia

Tip 1: Get Emotional Your customers will evaluate with their mind, but they’ll buy with their hearts. Two step process: 1. Choose an emotional marketing driver: Dedication, Anger, Human Connection, Fear, Chaos, Pleasure, Inspiration, Success, etc. 2. Choose a creative vehicle: Testimonial, How-to, Interview, Musical, Infographic Additional Resource: #emotionalmarketing

Case Study Dollar Shave Club • • • • • • Dollar Shave Club, CEO Michael Dubin Marketer & Part-time Comedian Video Cost: $4500 13 Million Views on Youtube Sales generated from video: 12,000 units in first 48 hours +9.8 million investment. (Bonus!) Cited from:

Driver: Humor | Vehicle: Interview

Tip 2: Be Creative What’s the wildest idea you can dream up? Great! Now, take it “one louder.” Two step process: 1. Crowdsource ideas Family, friends, staff 2. Incentivize your audience Facebook contest for best idea Additional Resource:

Driver: Inspiration | Vehicle: Animation

Tip 3: Be Straightforward You don’t have to be outrageous to reap the benefits of online video marketing. 1. How-To 2. Product Explainer 1. Whiteboard 3. Interview 4. Testimonial 5. Music Video 6. Animated infographics 7. Livestream Events

Tip 4a: Low budget. High quality. Using prosumer products, you can capture and edit amazing video. Here’s what you need to DIY: Shoot it. Cut it. • • • • • • DSLR w/ Video Tripod POV cam Mic / Headphones Three-Point Lighting Kit • • iMovie (mac) PowerDirector (pc) Adobe Premiere (advanced)

Tip 4b: Tips for shooting Keep these tips in mind whether you DIY or hire help. Interview Tips • • • Be concise Be heartfelt Be yourself Production Tips • • • Get clear audio - use a mic Get a stable shot - use sticks Framing - Rule of thirds !

Learn how to shoot your own videos.

Tip 5: Call to Action Drive the viewer through your video with a great hook and a clear call to action. • • • • • Annotations In-video programming Subscribe Feature Branding Watermark CTA Overlay Additional Resource:

Here’s an example of a good call to action


Tip 6: Maximize Youtube Best practices for posting videos for maximum views and search engine optimization. 1. Have a clear, descriptive title 1. Include the word “video” :) 2. Make sure your description has a link to your website 3. Add as many keywords as you can. Helps with SEO! 4. Use hashtags, like & comment on yours - and others - videos Additional Resource:

Tip 7: Data is Good. Use Google Analytics to track viewers, analyze trends and refine video content. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Create Adwords & Analytics Accts. Link Adwords / Analytics / Youtube Integrate AdSense for monetization Track viewer engagement Analyze demographic trends

Enough talk about data. Let’s watch a video.

Drivers: Humor, Juxtaposition | Vehicle: Explainer

Tip 8: Share & Promote Go guerrilla or pay-to-play to build your audience. Organic 1. Share your video on facebook / Google+ 1. Tag others in posts / circles 2. Ask your family, friends and staff to share 3. Boost it for $5 for 1000 views 2. Tweet it 1. Use popular hashtags and @_____ 3. Post multiple videos at once 4. Re-post social media links regularly

Tip 8: Share & Promote Go guerrilla or pay-to-play to build your audience. Paid • • • • • • • • Use Adwords to begin a paid campaign Choose geographies Choose demographic Choose Interests Import keywords from youtube Start with a smaller, fixed budget • $10/day @ .01CPV = 1,000 views/day Preview ad units Schedule Campaign

No presentation on online video marketing would be complete without babies, and…

Driver: Compassion | Vehicle: Feel Good

Tip 9:Take the road less traveled Skip YouTube, and head straight for Instagram and Vine • • • • Fewer video posts means increased engagement • Cut through the clutter You can tell a great story in :06-:15 seconds • Real people - testimonials • Product explainers / How-to’s • Identity - have fun and be relatable Again, use hashtags These platforms are great for contesting! • Have a vine / instagram contest • Let others tell your story!

Let’s take a moment to be #inspired… by this #infographic

TITLE TEXT Description text • Bullet Driver: Inspiration | Vehicle: Graphic Explainer (Animated Infographic)

Tip 10: Just Do It Video Challenge - Instagram Contest #SoSuTVShorts #YourBusiness Winner receives a SoSu.TV video and marketing setup package ($2500 value) Subscribe. Comment. Like. Thank you and go viral!

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