How To Make a USB Read Only

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Information about How To Make a USB Read Only

Published on December 12, 2018

Author: theboothfairy


Slide1: HOW TO Make a USB Read Only Slide2: There are two ways to make a USB stick read only Slide3: There are two ways to make a USB stick read only Universal solution and is 100% permanent PC specific and a good deterrent Slide4: Universal solution and is 100% permanent This means the USB stick is read only ( write protected) on all computers Slide5: Flags a USB device to be read only Makes the USB read only and blocks all write commands to the device Slide6: Most times an IT manager or content owner wants the USB stick to be read only so the files cannot be deleted or formatted of the drive Slide7: Original files to remain the same and blocks the ability for files to be changed or manipulated It’s smart to have USBs read only so that virus’ don’t jump onto the drive and possibly spread to other computers Slide8: LET US START WITH THE LESS PERMANENT WAY Easier to do and doesn’t require any specific hardware Windows7 machine or higher DiskPart utility which allows us to perform all sorts of cool things to flash drives, like setting write protection Slide9: Connect the USB to your Windows computer To begin, go to your Windows Start and in the Search Field type “ cmd ” Slide10: Get to the C root of the Command prompt and if you are signed in as a user you can simply type  cd\ this will get you back to the root of the C drive Type DISKPART Type LIST DISK Slide11: FIND THE USB STICK CONNECTED TO YOUR PC We must select the device we want to change the attributes for, so type SELECT DISK 1 DiskPart will confirm the attribute was sent and you can now type “ EXIT To set the drive as read only, type ATTRIBUTES DISK SET READONLY Slide12: What we did is make a registry entry in that Windows machine to always treat that flash drive as read only PC SPECIFIC Slide13: REGISTRY CLEANING TOOL USB Scrub Utility will remove the registry entry we just made and the User can once again do anything they want to the drive Slide14: FILE MORE PERMANENT IS TO SET A FILE AS READ ONLY Set to Read Only it blocks the User from deleting or formatting the drive However, this only works on the PC so if the USB is put into a Mac or Linux box, they can do whatever Slide15: USB DRIVE READ ONLY IS FORMATTING THE DRIVE AS NTFS  NTFS file system is what we call a ‘dynamic file system’ If you decide to format as NTFS simply modify permissions so that All Users have just Read Access Slide16: USB DRIVES THAT ARE PERMANENTLY READ ONLY The read only setting was done at the controller level One feature the controller can perform is to block the SCSI write command to the NAND memory USB stick read only Slide17: Unfortunately there is a very large number of USB controller manufacturers which all use their own set of commands Slide18: NO UNIVERSAL SOLUTION TO SET THE READ ONLY ATTRIBUTE USB flash drives Slide19: If you are not a programmer and want to turn on and off the read only setting with a click of a button through a GUI FREE SOFTWARE Which comes with the drives to make those settings Slide21: NEXCOPY O ffers the drives in both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 configurations and the capacity will range from the smaller 2GB drives to the very large 32GB+ sizes Slide22: READ THE ENTIRE BLOG

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