How to Lose Weight on a Bike

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Published on July 12, 2009

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How to Lose Weight on a Bike ? Find the Right Answer as seen on TV shows... How to Control Weight Gain and Burn Calories...

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• Losing weight can be tough to achieve. In general there are two ways to lose excess pounds. You can eat less each day. You can also exercise more. Using a bicycle is an excellent way to lose weight. Bikes reduce the strain on your upper body. A bike can be used both indoors and outdoors. Bikes are generally portable and often lightweight. Bike riding is an activity that the entire family can participate in and enjoy.

• Pick a set time and stick to it. A good time for a bike ride is early in the morning. Generally this is when there is less traffic on the road and less chance of an accident. • Bike uphill. Uphill biking can greatly increase your cardiovascular workout. This can lead to more caloric loss. If you don't happen to have a hill nearby, you can purchase an exercise bicycle with a gradient function. This will allow you more resistance as you cycle.

• Purchase a recumbent bicycle. Recumbent bicycles are bicycles set low to the ground. The low seating decreases pressure on the lower part of the back and makes workouts more efficient. • Use the hand feature of the bike. Some exercise bicycles have features that allow you to move your hands and arms as you use them. This can tone your upper body and lead to increased weight loss.

• Make biking a group activity. Purchase bikes for the entire family. This will give you greater incentive to use them. Join a health club, as most health clubs have bicycles. Seeing someone else working out may increase your motivation to workout yourself and even up the intensity of your workout.

How to Lose Weight on a Bike ? <click here> to GO How to Control Weight Gain & Burn Calories AS SEEN ON TV

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