How to Land Your First Job Out of College with Your Google Results

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Information about How to Land Your First Job Out of College with Your Google Results

Published on April 8, 2014

Author: BrandYourself1



75% of HR departments are required to Google a candidate during the interview process. What show's up when they Google your name could drastically affect your chances of getting the job. By maintaining a positive, professional online reputation as you finish up your senior year, you're one step closer to securing the coveted first job after graduation.

In this presentation, we will cover specific steps you can start to do right now that will help you clean up your Google results and come across as professional and qualified for the upcoming job search.

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…With Your Google Results How to Land Your First Job Out of College

As a senior in college, you’re probably preparing for your first job search by beefing up your resume, going to career fairs & gearing up for finals.

But there’s something that can have the biggest impact on your chance of landing a job….your Google results

Of HR Departments and hiring managers are required to Google candidates during the hiring process And you can bet you’re being Googled… What they find could have a huge impact on their decision to hire (and they don’/t have to find something negative either)

Think about it like this: Of the following 3 job candidates, who do you think will be brought in for an interview? HINT: It’s probably Anna

In fact, BrandYourself started when our co-founder Pete couldn‘t get an internship because employers were Googling him and finding... A criminal with the same name The REAL Pete Kistler, NOT a criminal INSTEAD OF

What can you start doing right now to get your Google results job search ready?

1. Clean up your social media profiles If you wouldn’t want hiring manager to find it, delete it. You probably wouldn’t want these showing up

Keep it clean or keep it private CAUTION: Nothing is really private online.

2. Fill out your LinkedIn profile Complete all sections on your profile with as much info as possible. Where possible, use your FULL NAME • Experiences • Education • Summary • Interests • Location • Professional Photo • Portfolio examples

3. Create a website / online portfolio • Wordpress • Weebly • Blogger Create a site that serves as the hub of all information about you There are so many free and easy ways to build a site. These rank highest: Our Recommendation: WordPress (flexible design, very SEO friendly) • Tumblr • About.Me • Many others

You can really post anything to your site as long as it’s professional and casts you in the best light possible. Here are some good things to include: • ‘About Me’ section • Contact Page • Links to social media profiles (make sure they’re clean) • Links to any articles/blog posts you’ve written • Your resume • Portfolio of industry-related work • TIP: use your full name wherever possible What to include on your site

Fill it with relevant content about YOU Tip: Use your real name wherever you can

4. Leverage content you already have Post past projects you’ve done for school that relate to your field. It’s positive content AND it shows potential employers you’re interested in / competent about your field. Try posting to sites like SlideShare, Prezi or even YouTube.

5. Use the same name on all content Pick the same name (i.e. “John R. Smith”) to use on all of your web content as well as your resume. This will accomplish 2 things: It will help all of the content rank higher in Google results Employers will Google the name you put on your resume, you want them to find your content 1 2

Good: For example, if your resume has your full name, all social profiles should have your full name too Bad:

If you actively work to maintain a positive online reputation, you’ll have a step up on landing that first job out of graduation. POSITIVE CONTENT

What other resources are there to improve your Google results? BrandYourself enables everyone to take control of Google search results for their own name with tools, services and resources: • Improve your online presence with our free Do-It-Yourself Online Reputation Management tool • Have someone handle the work for you with our custom Concierge Services • Learn more about how search engines work with our Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management Go to for more info

Look great when clients, colleagues and employers Google you.

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