How to know real amber jewelry

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Published on March 7, 2014

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Plastic substitutes are used to make amber jewelry but certain tests are recommended to establish the truth fast. However, some of these tests won’t work for stones that is fixed in a metal or may harm the amber to some extent. 1- Amber necklace or anklet does not sink in saline water rather floats on it. You can use this method to check the reality of an amber nugget or necklace, but not for an amber ring where metal is used.

Touch the upper surface of your amber jewelry with a hot needle. If it emits an odour like pine, then it may be real amber. Ornaments made of plastics and other fake compounds will create a different smell and may even damage the stone.

Treat the amber surface with a few drops of alcohol and allow it to evaporate. If its surface does not get any mark or seem sticky after alcohol evaporation, then you can conclude that your amber is genuine. If the surface feels sticky to your hand and retains your fingerprint, then it certainly won’t be real.

This text should be done with great care as there is a risk of damaging your stone. Just take a needle or pin and smoothly scratch the jewelry surface. If it is real, then it will get scratched. Otherwise it will remain unaffected.

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