How To Keep Your Faucets Hygienically Clean

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Information about How To Keep Your Faucets Hygienically Clean

Published on June 30, 2020

Author: Chsfund


1. How To Keep Your Faucets Hygienically Clean

2. If you live in an area that has hard water, then you’ll know just how tough it is to keep your faucets sparkling clean. However, as faucets can play host to a range of bacteria, some of which can make you sick, it’s important that you try to keep them as clean as possible. Here are some tips for getting the sparkle back on your faucets and keeping the bugs at bay: White vinegar and lemons Make up a solution of half a cup of white vinegar or lemon juice with half a cup of water, soak a paper towel or cloth in the liquid and wrap it right around the faucet.

3. Cover it with a plastic bag, let the mixture work its magic for at least an hour, then remove the plastic and the cloth or paper towel and give the faucet a good scrub. Rinse, and then stand back and admire your sparkling faucet! This solution can also be safely used to eliminate lime that has built up in your coffee maker or kettle. Ethyl alcohol Use ethanol to keep your faucets hygienically clean and shiny by soaking a towel or cloth in the liquid, and gently rubbing the affected area. This works to eliminate lime deposits, fast, and in next to no time, all your faucets could be shining and looking as if they’re new.

4. Flour Most homes have flour in their pantry’s, but did you know that this cheap and readily available product can also be used to clean your faucets? Note that for flour to be used effectively, the faucets must be dry. Simply sprinkle some flour onto the faucet, grab a towel, cloth or sponge and rub the flour until the lime spots begin to disappear. Then rinse and observe your reflection in the sparkling faucet!

5. Toothpaste As with flour, most homes contain toothpaste, and this common household product can also make your faucets shine like new. Be warned, however, that toothpaste shouldn’t be used on gold or bronze faucets. Take the toothpaste and squeeze a healthy amount onto the faucet, before rubbing it well with a smooth towel or cloth. Once you’ve rinsed the toothpaste off, you’ll see that your faucet is looking brilliantly clean, and, it’ll smell pretty good, too!

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