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Published on May 10, 2008

Author: pahuja


HOW TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF?: HOW TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF? In a formal interview: In a formal interview NAME PLACE QUALIFICATION FAMILY BACKGROUND HOBBIES NAME: NAME Good Morning/Good after noon/Good evening/Hello! My name is ---------./I am -------. My self--------- Good night, my name is ------ I'd like to introduce myself. I'm------------ . Right Wrong Wrong Right PLACE: PLACE I am from -------./ My home town is ---------------./ I am a native of--------------. QUALIFICATION: QUALIFICATION I have graduated from./I have completed my ------------- from---------. FAMILY BACKGROUND: FAMILY BACKGROUND There are -------- members in my family./I have a family of --------- There are five members in my family, including me. Right Wrong HOBBIES: HOBBIES My hobbies are----------/My interests are--------/I like to -------------   DO NOT FORGET TO SMILE: DO NOT FORGET TO SMILE Greetings: Greetings When two friends meet Friends often say "Hi" to each other. Then they often ask a general question, such as "How are you?" or "How are things?" or "How's life?" The reply to this question is normally positive: The reply to this question is normally positive . "Fine thanks, and you?" "Fine thanks, what about yourself?" Example: Example Rakesh: "Hi Sagar, how are you?“ Sagar: "Fine thanks, and you?" Rakesh: "Yeah, fine. How to introduce someone?: How to introduce someone? “Sagar, have you met my colleague John?“ "Sagar, I'd like you to meet my colleague John.“ PowerPoint Presentation: “Mom, this is my friend Sagar. Sagar, this is my mother .” "Hello, Aunty, Nice to meet you/It’s a pleasure meeting you. "Pleased to meet you, Sagar How to approach if someone is busy?: How to approach if someone is busy? SAY " EXCUSE ME” If you have done something wrong: If you have done something wrong Say “I am SORRY ” OR Say “I APOLOGISE ” If someone says THANKYOU: If someone says THANKYOU Reply “You are welcome ”

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