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Published on September 19, 2013

Author: toprank



How to integrate search, social media and content marketing. A presentation by Lee Odden of during the Social Media Rockstars Event.

@LeeOdden   How to Integrate Search, Social & Content Marketing Images:  Shu,erstock  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   About  Lee:     CEO,  Consultant   Speaker,  Blogger   Traveler,  Foodie   @LeeOdden     Content  -­‐  Social  -­‐  SEO  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Small Town Minnesota Roots Addicted to travel. And my kids.

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Thank You Sarah!  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Enough About Me. What About You? Is Your Site Optimized for Search Engines? Is Your Business Active on Social Networks? Do You Create New Content Regularly?

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   IBM:  “Understanding  Big  Data”   Every day, we create 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data. Image:  Shu,erstock  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Ubiquitous Connectivity 50 Billion connected  devices:  2020   Source: Ericcson Create   Consume   Publish   Interact   Transact  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Image:  Shu,erstock  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Customer Information Journey Image:  Shu,erstock   Voodoo  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Customer Information Journey

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy PR   Radio   TV   Print   Word  of  Mouth   Direct  Mail   Email   Ecommerce   Store   FAQ   Knowledge  Base   Promo:ons   Newsle,er   Social  Networks   Blog  Website   Community   Forum   Online  Ads   Email   PPC   Social  Ads   Blog   Reviews   Media   PR   Social   Search   Optimize the Buying Cycle

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Media is the Rock Star Image:  Shu,erstock   In the Online Marketing World  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   84% Source:  Marke:ngProfs   Content  Marke:ng  Ins:tute   Marketers Use Social Media

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   100 BILLIONGoogle  Search  Queries  Per  Month   Source:  Search  Engine  Land   16%Of  daily  queries  on  Google   have  never  been  seen  before     Source:  Google  Internal  Data,  2011   81%Of  B2B  buyers  start  with   search  engines     Source:  DemandGen  Report  May  2012  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   B2B  &  B2C  Marketers   Increase  Content   Marke:ng  Spending   54% Source:  CMI  2012   55% Content Marketing #1

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   What is Content Marketing? “Content Marketing is the planning, creation, promotion and measurement of content for a specific audience to influence a business outcome.” Image:  Shu,erstock  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Content Marketing Maturity Stasis Focus:  status  quo   Sta:c   Few  resources   Ini:al  experiments   Brand  centric   Production Focus:  quan:ty   Strategy   Process   Crea:on   “More  is  Be,er”   SEO  centric   Utility Focus:  quality   Func:onal,  useful   Customer  focused   Refined  process   Social  centric   Storytelling Focus:  experience   Seek  to  dominate  USP   Brand  leadership   Op:mized  buy  cycle   Integra:on   Mul:  &  Omni  Channel   Monetization Focus:  ecosystem     Marke:ng  ROI   Content  Publishing  ROI   Syndica:on  ROI   Services  ROI   Scale  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Content Marketing Tactics •  Ar0cle  Marke0ng     •  Advertorial     •  Blogging     •  Case  Studies   •  Crowdsource     •  Curate     •  Digital  NewsleIers   •  eBooks     •  Email     •  Interac0ve  Games   •  Images  &  Infographics   •  Interac0ve  Tools   •  Microsites   •  Mobile  Applica0ons     •  Mobile  Content     •  News  Release   •  Online  Magazines  &  Apps   •  Podcasts   •  Print  Magazines     •  Print  NewsleIers     •  Real-­‐World  Events     •  Research  &  Surveys     •  Social  Content     •  Teleclass  &  Telecasts     •  Tradi0onal  Media     •  Videos     •  Virtual  Conferences     •  Webinars     •  Wikis     •  White  Papers    

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Image  Source:  Shu,erstock   BUT… Are They Integrated?

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Image  Source:  Shu,erstock   Are They Optimizd?

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Customer  Goals     +  Business  Value   =  Content  Marke0ng  Strategy Meet  Customer  Needs    =  Achieve  Business            Outcomes   Image  Source:  Shu,erstock   Alignment is Powerful

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Stalking Dead Infographic Novel h,p://­‐videos/stalking-­‐dead.html  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   What’s Missing? How  will  it  be  promoted?   Can  you  really  count  on   “Going  Viral”?   Repurpose?  Reimagine?     Crea0ve  Needs  Promo0on:     Publicized  on  blogs  &  media   Op:mized  for  social,  search   “stalking  dead”  “infographic  novel”   Hub  &  Spoke      

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Great content isn’t really great until it gets found, consumed, & shared.

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Create  Awareness   CMWorld  Event   Feature  Speakers  Tips   eBook  Slideshare   Blog  Posts,  Email,  Social   40k  Views   1,000+  downloads    100+  referred  to  event   Source:  TopRank  Online  Marke:ng  2013  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   So, What’s the Connection? Search   Content  Social  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Content   Social  SEO  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Cares About Content Source: Search Engine Land 3/11 Google’s POV on Quality Content:

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   53% Of time on the internet is content consumption. AOL Nielsen U.S.: 27 millionshared per day AOL Nielsen Customers Care About Content Too

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   SEO has changed forever. Social + Search + Content = WINNING

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Search Ranking Factors Social  in  the  top  10:     Google+   Facebook  Shares   Facebook  Comments   Pinterest   Tweets  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Search Ranking Factors Social  Factors   Google+   Social  Shares,  Likes  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Influence on Search

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Influence on Search

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Influence on Search? Maybe Not

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   What If We Spent A Little Less Time Chasing These Guys?

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   And More Time Focusing on This

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Integrated marketing means your brand is the best answer when & where buyers need it.

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Promise of Integrated Marketing Audience Targeting Cross Channel Integration Adaptable, Optimizable Highly Measurable

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Brand  USP   (Topic  -­‐  Keyword)   Blog   Posts   Industry  Media   Coverage   Press  Releases   Contributed   Ar:cles   Guest  Posts   Topical  Survey   “2013  Topic  XYZ   Survey”   Tips  &   Examples   eBook   Guide  to   B2B  Social   Co-­‐Created   Visual   eBook  with   Conference   Topical   Resource   Lists   Off  Site   Commen:ng   Speaking  at     Conferences   Prospect   Brand   Networking   Social   Networking   Community   SEO   Website   Category   Email   Newsle,ers  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   “What’s  a  good   framework  for   content  marke0ng   that’s   op0mized  and     socialized?”  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Discover   Consume   Act   Understand Your Customer Search  Keywords   Social  Topics   Adver:sing   Publica:ons   Events   Word  of  Mouth     Text,  Images,  Audio,  Video   Mobile,  Tablet,  Computer   Formal,  Funny,  Long,  Short   Social  Share   Engage  (comment)   Subscriber   Register   Inquire   Buy  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   AIract   Engage   Op0mize  360   Convert  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Preferences Pain Points Behaviors Search & Social Data Sources Editorial Calendar, Repurpose Social & SEO Networking, PR, Linking Who are you writing for? What do they care about? What stories will connect you? Make it easy to find & share awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Optimized – Socialized - Publicized

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Persona:   “Admin  Jane”   Influences  CEO     Values:   =  Fast   =  Save  $   =  Service   Fast   Save  $   Service   Blog   awareness consideration purchase retention advocacyinterest Facebook   Byline   PPC   Email  Offer   Locator   Tips  Ar:cles   Newsle,er   Blog   Soc  Net   Ads   Press     Blog   Reviews   PPC   Discount   Loyalty   Community   VIP   Referral   Ar:cle   Media   Reviews   Blog   Display   Offers   Network   Thank  You   Referral   Rewards   Content:   =  Topics   =  Keywords   =  Media  &  Channel   Optimize Across the Lifecycle Be the Best Answer!

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Hub & Spoke Promotion, Networking

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Hub

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Community  >  300K   Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Flickr LinkedIn Slideshare White Papers Google+ Guides Book Webinars Articles Newsroom Social Creation & Curation Guest Posts Events eBooks Pinterest Blog

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Topical  Focus   Author  Rel   Keywords   Social  Topics   Brand     Customer   Keyword  Glossary   Category   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords   Category   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords     Blogs Tech  SEO  Audit   Analy:cs   Monitoring   Conversions   Master SEO Basics

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social & Search Integration h,ps://   “The  true  cost  of  remaining   anonymous  might  be  irrelevance.”   Eric  Schmidt,  Google  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Optimize & Socialize

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Download  XLS  at:   Search Keywords – Social Topics

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Download  XLS  at:    h,p://   Editorial Plan: Optimized

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Brand Repurposed Curated Amplification Social Syndication Off Site Posts Optimized Amplify Your Content Evergreen Co-Created

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Be Visual Consumers  are  44%  more   likely  to  engage  with  brands   if  they  post  pictures  than   any  other  media   ROI  Research   Viewers  are  85%  more  likely  to  purchase  a  product  ater  watching  a  product  video.   Internet  Retailer  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Coordinate Visual Promotion

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social   Hub   Topic  B   Topic  C   Topic  D  Topic  A   Topic  E   Evolve Your Hub: Constellation

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Be Human - Use Humor Next  Closest  Popular  Video:   139,400  views  |  2  years  ago  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social - Humor

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Engage Offline to Online

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social – Participation & CTA

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   •  Fans   •  Friends   •  Followers   •  Comments   •  Likes   •  Google  Plusses   •  Links   •  SERPs   •  Search  Traffic   KPIs & Business Outcomes •  Shorter  Sales  Cycles   •  Increased  Order  Quan:ty   •  More  Referrals   •  Lower  Marke:ng  Costs   •  Grow  Revenue   •  Improve  Profits   •  Reten:on   •  Share  of  Voice   •  Improve  Service    

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Measure  &  Op0mize   Inbound  /  Outbound   Social  Networking   Content  Op0miza0on   Crea0on  &  Cura0on   Content  Plan   Keyword  &  Topic  Research   Audience  &  Personas   Integrated:  Content,  Search,  Social  

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   4 Takeaways Know  your  target  customer  preferences:   discovery,  consump:on,  ac:on   Map  content  topics  to  the  buying  cycle   Plan  amplifica:on  in  the  content  plan:   op:mize,  socialize,  publicize   Start  tes:ng  tools  &  develop  processes  –  it’s   the  only  way  to  scale   1 2 3 4

@LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Thank You! - Q & A Lee  Odden   Download  Free  Content  Template:     h,p://  

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