How To Install DirecTV Now On Roku Player

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Information about How To Install DirecTV Now On Roku Player

Published on January 19, 2018

Author: Rokucomlinkenterscod


How To Install DirecTV NOW On Roku Player: How To Install DirecTV NOW On Roku Player Slide 3: The Roku channel store has recently added "DirecTV Now" channel. You can enjoy more than hundred live TV channels and 20,000+ on-request movies & TV shows. The DirecTV Now subscribers can enjoy Sports, Movies, Music, videos and much more. In addition, you can stream many different categories of entertainment like: On-demand Premium channels More TV freedom Live TV and much more. Steps To Add DirecTV Now On Roku Device: Steps To Add DirecTV Now On Roku Device Firstly, provide a high-speed internet connection to your Roku device. 2. Then go to your Roku Home screen by pressing home button from your Roku remote . Slide 6: 3. After that, proceed to Roku channel store then discover DirecTV Now from the "popular channels" category. In addition, you can directly type the DirecTV Now in the search box. 4. Next , choose the required channel from the result list. Slide 7: 5. Once you get the particular Roku channel on your screen, subscribe the channel by click on "buy channel" option . 6. Similarly, provide Roku PIN to get DirecTV Now on your Roku player . 7. After performing installation process, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, sports, movies and more. Slide 8: 8. Now restart your Roku device and select the installed channel from your TV screen. Afterwards, double-click on the selected channel and start streaming its contents. Slide 9: For more detail, Visit us

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