How to improve performance of team members? Consider competencies and context!

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: mnrozhkov



Highly competent employees produce the best results.  But how are competencies most effectively developed and supported?   


PURPOSE Highly competent employees produce the best results. But how are competencies most effectively developed and supported? 2

Background • Many things impact employees’ competencies – upbringing, education, past experiences, etc. But, once a person is on a job, what are the most effective ways to improve competencies? • This study is designed to determine how, in your company, daily behaviors are impacted by: organizational culture, team climate and manager skills. – Maybe manager assignment is the most important way to strengthen competencies. Or, maybe belonging to a strong team is the best way. – What is the relative impact of culture, climate and manager skills to the daily behaviors (competencies) of employees? • The purpose of this study is to find out these questions. • The results will help your company understand how to best increase competencies of their staff. For example, if the answer is being on a high performing team, then how can teams operate to accelerate individual competency development? 3

What is “competency”? Knowledge and skills Personal traits Motivation Competency The observed behavior Figure 2 – What is competency? 4 *adopted from presentation of Gregory Finkelshtein, ECOPSY Consulting

What competencies are studied We have focused on seven competencies that impact success in an innovations, R&D and product development environment: 1. Achievement Orientation (ACH) 2. Concern of Order and Quality (CO) 3. Initiative (INT) 4. Information Seeking (INFO) 5. Innovation Orientation (INNOV) 6. Team Working (TW) 7. Team Leadership (TL) 5

Pilot Study results: Best performance employees have higher scores for key competencies 6

Research model Organizational Culture Manager Skills (Practices) Employee Competencies Team Climate Employee Performance

How to participate? 1. Define teams you want to analyze competencies/improve performance. (Team size: at least 4 employees and a manager) 2. Prepare a name list of members and manager for each team. (It will be used to prepare questionnaires) 3. Manager and team members of each team will answer 3 questionnaires in 3 phase process. (Questionnaires are in electronic form. Each includes 50-60 questions. Duration of each phase is 1 week.) 4. Feedback and description of overall results will be prepared. (In 4 weeks after collecting data) 8

Value for your company You will receive a description of overall results and for your company. These include: 1. Which of the three variables is most impactful on competencies? 2. How does each variable impact competencies? (For example, for the manager variable, what do managers do that strengthens their impact on competency improvement. What behaviors hinder that? What do teams do that impact competencies the most?) 3. What competencies are the most important drivers of performance? 4. How all these results may be applied to improve performance in your company? 9

Thank you! Let’s start today! Mikhail ROZHKOV PolyU, PhD Candidate E-mail: +852 5414 0507 10

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