How to Help a Jamaican Come on Time - Time-Based Productivity via Psychology and Engineering

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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: fwade



Audio - Time-Based Productivity is a challenge for Jamaicans. The symptoms of imbalanced lives, lateness, forgotten commitments and time-stress surround us daily, affecting our macro-economy and our micro-experience. In this session we’ll look at the latest research and how it can be bent, shaped and shifted to give us concrete answers in our context, building on empirical data gathered in 6 years of local training programs. For more information on this topic, visit

Audio Link: How to Help a Jamaican Come on Time Time-Based Productivity via Psychology and Engineering Francis Wade

Context – Low Productivity

Every functioning adult uses time management techniques – a system of habits, practices and rituals

The Cracks Time-based productivity lives in the cracks between academic departments • Psychology? Sociology? Management? Engineering? • Little research, no conferences, no journals, no departments, no funding, no follow-up work

Dr. Laurie-Ann Hellsten 2012 Literature Review “Currently no universally accepted definition of time management” “No agreement regarding the skills and behaviors that constitute time management”

“Between 1972 and 2007 the country’s labour productivity has been declining at an average annual rate of 1.5 per cent. ”

In Ecuador… Participacíon Ciudadana, the civic group behind the (punctuality) campaign, reckons that $724m (or 4.3% of GDP) each year. lateness costs Ecuador

We aren’t alone


24/7 Information Overload


You Time can’t be managed Seen Jamaicans become more productive after they migrate Is this psychology? Are very busy…

3 steps • Understand “the atom” – A Time Demand • How to View / Understand it • How it’s Handled – research results

Perceived Control of Time?

Step 1 Prospective Memory

Implementation Intentions DOUBLE

Memory Has Its Limits

Each Factory Has a “Widget”

What about timebased productivity?

The Widget: A Time Demand An individual commitment to complete an action in the future.

A time demand _______ …Is a discrete psychological object. …Includes the action to be taken. …Has a duration plus an estimated start / end time (i.e. metadata). …Has some pseudo-physical properties. …Doesn’t bother us when it’s well managed. …Disappears once its completed.

The “Simple” Model A Time Demand Moves Around

7 Fundamentals Acting Now Emptying Storing Tossing Capturing Scheduling Listing NewHabits-NewGoals 23

The Advanced Model A Time Demand Can’t Move! It’s a Mental Object

7 Fundamentals Actions In-action Decisions Habits Interruptions Time Demands

Data gathered: 74 Profiles NewHabits-NewGoals 26

Total Count per Belt 300 249 250 200 150 122 Total Count 113 100 50 23 0 White Yellow Orange Green

~95% White Yellow Orange Overall Belt Ranking Green

How to Help a Jamaican Come on Time? Hypothesis: Once you know your current profile, it’s easier to make changes

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