How to Go About Getting a Tattoo

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Information about How to Go About Getting a Tattoo
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: DocKetchum



Find out the process for getting a tattoo so that you don't have to worry about tattoo removal further down the road.

How to Go About Getting a Tattoo

Tattoo Industry • America is experiencing a growing tattoo industry. • The industry for tattoo removal is also growing. • Planning out a tattoo will make it less likely for you to need tattoo removal.

Decide on a Design

Decide on a Design 1. Decide the tattoo’s location. 2. Figure out the vibe you want. 3. Check out different designs and come up with your own design. 4. Decide on a color scheme.

Find the Right Tattoo Artist

Find the Right Tattoo Artist • Talk to your friends and ask around. • Visit local tattoo studios. • Find out conditions and get to know the artists.

Get It Done

Get It Done • Set up an appointment and get it done! • Don’t get worried!

Caring for the Tattoo

Caring for the Tattoo Typical tattoo aftercare process: 1. The tattoo will wash and bandage the tattoo. 2. The bandage will have to stay on for the next 3-8 hours. 3. Keep the tattoo protected after removing the bandage. 4. Moisturize.

Show It Off

Show It Off • Time to show it off! • After the tattoo is finished healing, you’ll be able to show everyone how it turned out!

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