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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: UnbounceMeetups



Keegan Morrison, How To Get Value From Your Blog

Vancouver Unbounce Meetup
Wednesday, February 5th

Getting  value  out  of  your  blog `

Challenge:     Creating  content  that  drives  traffic

Solution:     Answer  questions  and  provide  value

What  is  the  #1  question     you  face  on  a  daily  basis?

How  much  does  home  care  cost?

Results:     How  much  does  home  care  cost  vs  all  other  posts 
 Organic  Entrances:  1564  vs  1305 Average  time  on  page:  3:15  vs  1:18 Unique  pageviews:  2940  vs  7,575

Results:     What  is  the  value  of  a  good  post? •    Found  1564  times  from  organic  searches •    Quality  leads  that  are  reading  the  post •    Estimated  $300-­‐500k  in  sales !

Results:     More  Value… ! Additional  Benefits:     • Become  a  trusted  resource  in  your  space   • Establish  a  relationship  with  potential   customers   • You  get  to  own  the  conversation

What  questions  should  I  answer?   Needs  Ideas? ! • Analytics  non-­‐branded  entrances   • Adwords  search  term  report   • Ask  your  staff/coworkers

Do  your  research Before  you  commit  to  a  post,  do  your  research.   ! • Test  the  question  you’re  looking  to  answer   on  Google.  How  competitive  are  the  results?     • Get  onto  to  Google’s  keyword  planner  tool.   How  many  people  are  actually  searching  for   this  term?

Filters  while  writing  your  content • Am  I  providing  value  to  the  reader?   • Am  I  actually  answering  their  question?

Summary • Find  out  what  questions  your  potential  clients   are  asking.   • Do  your  research.   • Start  writing  good  quality  content  that  people   will  get  value  out  of.

Links ! New  York  Times  Article  -­‐   Moz  Webinar  -­‐   ! ! Contact  :    

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