How to get rid of trojanware that turns Software Setups to 824/825KB

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Information about How to get rid of trojanware that turns Software Setups to 824/825KB

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: chykes007



Powerpoint presentation on how to exterminate harmful computer trojan that reduces program setup to 824KB.

How To Get Rid Of Trojanware That Turns Any Software To 824/825KB

• In this article, I am going to teach you how to remove a Trojan that duplicates your computer softwares and multiplies all across your PC’s hard disk. It starts with a folder and in every folder it gets to, it duplicates any program it finds there an moves on to the next folder and on and on it goes.

• I have searched through the internet, and I hardly found any tutorial on how to rid an infected computer or PC of this Trojan that turns any software to 824KB (825KB on disk); and so I decided to create a tutorial to take care of this.

• You see what this Trojan does is to create a fake copy of all programs on any folder it gets to in your system. This fake copy that this program creates just carries the image of your original program and replaces that original program in the folder.

• What you may not know, is that your program or software is still in that folder but it has been renamed and hidden (don’t bother trying to see hidden files in your folder options because that will not work here).

• So, how do we get rid of this monster permanently? Firstly, you need to download a good program that can detect this Trojan and I recommend superantispyware. You need to download superantispyware on most preferably, an uninfected PC.

• . After downloading SAS, install and do a thorough scan of your PC. Please re-download superantispyware latest version even if you had one before, be it an old or new version; this is important! • After thoroughly scanning your PC, SAS will weed this monster out and ask that you restart your computer. Please restart it.

• After restarting your system, the next thing to do here, is to unhide and rename your softwares that were hidden by the Trojan. To unhide them, you need to download a program called unhided.exe, just do a google search and you’ll find it.

• Use unhided.exe, to unhide all your softwares and then you rename your files by removing the letter that the Trojan places at the beginning of every program it imitates, usually the letter V.

• And that’s it. • If you found this tutorial useful you can visit here for more. •

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