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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: jonrpatrick



Bitcoins are on fire, and more and more people are looking to get started.
But for beginners, it can be expensive to buy bitcoin, and learning to mine (while fun!) can be confusing.
This quick report shows you how you can visit websites, fill in a captcha (typically) and get free bitcoins - typically hourly!

How to get Free BitCoin! Interested in Getting Started with Bitcoin, but wondering how to? Well, you can buy Bitcoin as an investment/speculation vehicle, you can dig-in and learn how to mine bitcoin.... OR you can also get some Free Bitcoin! What is Bitcoin? First things first. Bitcoin is one of the new cryptocurrencies, where no governments and no banks are involved in transactions. One person transfers electronically bitcoin to another person (or company) almost instantly and with almost no fees. These transactions are checked and verified across thousands of computers at the same time, keeping the transactions not only secure but anonymous! There are multiple other altcurrencies, but Bitcoin is the 'big dog' in the race, getting the majority of the press and public notice as more and more companies begin to accept it. For beginners getting involved in one of these altcurrencies, Bitcoin is expensive, and the process of 'mining' can be slow and complicated to get started – as well as having to have computer hardware to do the mining. Explanation: Mining is essentially solving complicated calculations and being rewarded with new Bitcoin So what's a beginner to do if they want to get started and get some bitcoin? Well, one way to get bitcoin is to get it... For Free! Bitcoin Faucets There are multiple sites called 'faucets' that typically work like this: • Enter your bitcoin wallet address to receive your payments. • Fill out a captcha every hour • At a prescribed interval or minimum amount, the bitcoin is sent to your wallet! Getting a Bitcoin Wallet First, you need a wallet. This is where you send from and receive payments of bitcoin. Kind of like a bank account, but without the bank! These wallets can be on a website like, on your mobile phone, or on your computer. (If you go the on-computer route, get familiar fast with backing up your wallet and saving it somewhere! If it's lost or you lose your password, your Bitcoin are gone...)

Go to and make your decision. (Personally? I use Blockchain) You'll see the option of using a Desktop Wallet or mobile wallet as well: If you chose a desktop wallet, once installed, it will need to synch with the network. This is how all Bitcoin transactions are checked and cross checked, anonymously. This might take a while, so go grab a coffee somewhere. Once updated, click on the "Receive" tab and you can use that address shown or create a new one. Then, visit the list below one by one, enter your address of choice, and begin to earn your free Bitcoin! I use firefox, leave them open in tabs, and then about once and hour go through each one! Note: Faucets are being added or removed constantly, so this list was up and working at last check! Bitcoin Faucets My Favorite:

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