How to get fit for summer Safely

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Information about How to get fit for summer Safely

Published on February 21, 2020

Author: morleyphsyio


slide 1: How to get fit for summer safely 6 questions to ask yourself first slide 2: How to get fit for summer safely It’s that time of year – the time of year many of us start thinking about kicking our fitness training up a gear in an effort to drop a couple of those winter kilos and tone up for summer. While there are many benefits from starting a new exercise program if youve never really done much fitness training before taken a bit of a break from training or just havent done anything as advanced before you could be risking an avoidable injury. Whether youre thinking about committing to a hardcore bootcamp starting a new group training program or just upping your own exercise routine at home there are a few things you should consider before starting a new exercise program – to ensure you get fit for summer safely. At Morley Physiotherapy we want to see you achieving your fitness goals without injuring yourself so we’ve compiled a few questions we recommend you answer before you start getting fit for summer. slide 3: How to get fit for summer safely What is your current activity level If youve been largely inactive jumping straight into intense exercise will likely cause injury. Know your limits and ease your body into it. Do you have any existing injuries or movement issues Knee pain Lower back giving you trouble It’s important you’re aware of any nagging injuries or issues so you can avoid exercises that may make them worse. Not sure if you have any existing issues This is where a musculo-skeletal check-up with your physiotherapist will help. Your physio will check for any problems before you risk a more serious injury as well as help you identify which types of training may be best suited to you. slide 4: How to get fit for summer safely What sort of activities will your new program involve Some activities such as lifting weights or doing high intensity plyometric exercises may put you at greater risk of injury depending on your current level of fitness. It’s a good idea to discuss your training plans with a physio before you get started. They will be able to highlight any potential injury risks associated with your new training style and equip you with alternative exercises. If you know what you can and can’t do you can keep yourself safe slide 5: How to get fit for summer safely ● Do you have the appropriate fitness gear A good tradesman never blames his tools right Wrong. When it comes to exercising poor gear can actually be pretty dangerous… particularly when it comes to your footwear. Poor footwear often leads to movement problems and injuries. A physiotherapist can help ascertain whether your current footwear is right for you and your chosen activity. Investing in some light-weight breathable and stretchy clothing will keep you comfortable and aid in movement too. Depending on your activity you can also look into compression gear to improve recovery. slide 6: Will you have access to professional support If youre looking at joining a group class following a fitness app or just working out on your own you wont have anyone there to make sure youre performing new activities safely. So to ensure you are doing the activities correctly and to prevent injury consider getting professional support i.e. a personal trainer even if it’s just for the first few sessions. They will ensure you’re completing exercises safely - checking your technique posture and weight level is right for you. How to get fit for summer safely slide 7: Are you prepared to lose your ego Going from 0 - 100 intensity is an excellent way to cause injury. So while it can be tempting to push yourself to keep up with others or pretend you’re way fitter than you are it’s probably not the best idea. You can always ramp up the intensity gradually as you get fitter however if you are impatient and get injured you won’t be able to participate at all. At Morley Physiotherapy our team have a wealth of experience in diagnosing treating and managing injuries related to sports physiotherapy. We can also help you keep safe on your fitness journey whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional. If you want to get fit for summer safely book an appointment with one of our highly qualified sports physiotherapists at Morley Physiotherapy Centre your local Inglewood physio today. How to get fit for summer safely

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