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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: zorapharmacy



How to (really) get Facebook Followers? *check the next page for the Facebook Followers sample picture Q: What are Facebook Followers, where and how to get them from? A: Facebook Followers are people that follow your personal account; they are the ex-subscribers, people that subscribed to your updates. They are neither your friends nor your Fans- people that Like your FanPage. If you didn’t understand the above definition, consider the following classification: The 3 Fs of Facebook - Friends – relationship to Personal Facebook account. Followers – relationship to Personal Facebook account. Also called Subscribers. You can allow them or switch of this feature. This is what we are talking about in this paper. Fans – relationship to a PAGE (not your Personal Account). In here you’ll find detailed review of agencies that buy Facebook Followers for you and offer other social media marketing services. After considering the reviews, follow these steps: How to check your Facebook Followers agency: Step 1: Contact your agency to see if they respond in less than 12 hours. If not, stay away! It means they have problems or don’t care about the business or are just not available. You don’t want that. You only need best-class services. It’s your Facebook account. Don’t screw it with un-professional people. Step 2: Ask to see samples. You need to see specific Facebook accounts they have built Followers to. If they say it’s confidential or they cannot show it to you for different other reasons, walk away. They are bulshitting you. Every Facebook profile is public so there’s nothing preventing them from giving you a link. So you can see for yourself how many they are and what their quality is. Neil More Take-Away: Your Facebook profile can become such an example. Your profile can become a “case-study” to be used by your chosen agency. But that’s not a problem; in the worst case this can bring you even more followers.

Step 3: Quality. Do they look like bots to you? Click on some of them: what do you see? Most important: 3.1 Do they have a profile photo? Or do they look like eggs to you? Do all of them have the same photo or similar photos? If so, walk away. They are cheap bots. 3.2 Do they have a reasonable number of Friends. Reasonable here means anywhere between 50 and 300. Ok, if you find some profiles that are not in this range, click some more. Try to guess how the “average” follower looks like. Get a feeling for his “realness”. Is he a bot? Is he a fake or secondary profile as they are sometimes called? 3.3 How recent is the profile? Were they created just a few days ago or they have different and “normal” ages, like your real friends or followers would have.

3.4 Evaluate their activity? Do they have any recent updates? Is their activity in any way suspicious? Do they like hundreds and hundreds of facebook pages? Or follow thousands of other users? Where to Buy Facebook Followers? Use the 3 steps above to screen your provider. Always try to work with a recommended Facebook Followers agency. For building Fanpages use companies like Get your Facebook Followers from a number one source, a reputable social media marketing company that has been in the game for a long time. This means they have repeated customers, their have managed to stay in business during the last year Google updates (Pinguin and Panda). Check their Alexa ranking. You should look at their Alexa rank score and try to see if they had constant visits in the last 6 months. This means the company is a top provider, not just one that pumped some SEO, quickly made some money then went away when all the followers started to drop, because they were just resellers.

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