How to Get a Fast Start on a Big Finish: Outreach Ideas That Will Give You Insights to Help You Achieve Your Goals Before March 31

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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: EnrollAmerica


How to Get a Fast Start on a Big Finish – Outreach Ideas That Will Give You Insights to Help You Achieve Your Goals Before March 31 Wednesday February 19, 2014 © 2013 Enroll America |

SPEAKERS Moderator: Jennifer Roniger, Deputy Director for State Assistance Presenters: Dayanne Leal, Deputy Director, Best Practices Institute Etoy Ridgnal, Director of African-American Engagement and Faith Based Initiatives 2 © 2013 Enroll America |

AGENDA I.  Capitalizing on Your Strengths II.  Showcasing Key Outreach Strategies a)  b)  c)  d)  e)  Phone-a-thons Working with Community Colleges Working with Faith Communities Earned Media Conducting Effective Enrollment Events III.  Tips on Monitoring & Evaluation IV.  Q&A 3 © 2013 Enroll America |

I. Capitalizing on Your Strengths 4 © 2013 Enroll America |

What Has Worked Well So Far? •  40 days until the end of open enrollment •  This is the time to: ü  Focus on what you do WELL ü  Build on what you have done so far ü  Leverage relationships with your network ü  NOT the time to invest a lot of resources in doing something totally new IDENTIFY what has worked Make plans to REPEAT these strategies AMPLIFY for the next five weeks © 2013 Enroll America | 5

II. Showcasing Key Outreach Strategies 6 © 2013 Enroll America |

Phone-a-thons 7 © 2013 Enroll America |

Why a Phone-a-thon? Free Broad reach •  Thousands of consumers at once Reach consumers where there are •  Great for reaching populations in rural areas All-in-one strategy: educate, persuade, refer •  Share key messages •  Connect consumers to enrollment assisters •  Promote current enrollment events •  Prepare consumers for an appointment with an assister High-energy strategy •  Boost staff and volunteer morale during the home stretch © 2013 Enroll America | 8

How Does A Phone-a-thon Work? 9 © 2013 Enroll America |

What Does It Take? It only take a few steps…and typically, they occur in very quick succession! Establish a relationship with a Local Radio or TV Media Outlet •  Work with a radio or TV station that has the capacity to host you for free •  Station provides phone lines, 1-800 #, computers, space Determine the Goal of Your Phone-a-Thon •  Public education •  Enrollment tool Get the Word Out Staff the Phone-a-Thon 10 © 2013 Enroll America |

Phone-a-thon Success Stories ME IL OH PA Alaska: Hawaii: 11 © 2013 Enroll America |

Working with Community Colleges 12 © 2013 Enroll America |

Why Target Community Colleges? •  Demographic make-up of community college •  Few offer student health plans •  Community colleges have a compelling interest in educating their students about their insurance options •  Community colleges are every where •  Since they are present in most communities that makes them a great way to conduct outreach in rural communities 13 © 2013 Enroll America |

How to Work with Community Colleges Who to Talk to ü  The Dean of Student Affairs is usually the administrator whose office oversees ü  President’s Office ü  Student Health Clinic What to Ask ü  Host enrollment events ü  Send information to students ü  Allow outside group to table 14 © 2013 Enroll America |

Tips for Working with Community Colleges •  Enlist the school’s help promoting the event: ü  School-wide email ü  Social media ü  Campus newspaper/radio ü  Recruit students to do brief presentations at the beginning of classes, then collect interest cards. •  Make sure to have enough Navigators/CACs •  During the event, have volunteers with clipboards flyer around campus 15 © 2013 Enroll America |

Community College Success Stories •  Miami Dade Community College •  More than 500 students served •  City Colleges of Chicago •  Enrollment events planned in every campus •  At the first event, 225 student attended; almost half went all the way through the enrollment process 16 © 2013 Enroll America |

Working with Faith Communities 17 © 2013 Enroll America |

Why Engage the Faith-Based Community? •  Faith-based communities are trusted messengers •  Working with a local congregation to reach individuals and families in rural areas can be an effective may •  Reaching out to different ethnic groups, for example African Americans, via a faith-based institution has proven to be successful 18 © 2013 Enroll America |

How To Engage Faith-Based Communities? Health Care from the Pulpit - Be Part of the Movement! Conduct a “Health Care from the Pulpit” Tabling Event Activate a “Heal-the-Neighborhood” Health Outreach Ministry Host a “Health Coverage Enrollment Summit” 19 © 2013 Enroll America |

Health Care from the Pulpit Success Stories •  Christ Bible Church, TX ü  Combined Healthcare from Pulpit, canvassing and enrollment summit •  New Samaritan Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. ü  Pastor preached sermon with enrolment theme for 2 services ü  Staff on hand after to table, provide information and get contact information •  Mt. Zion Baptist Church, VA ü  Connected them with navigator to do enrollment •  Follow up is key!! 20 © 2013 Enroll America |

Earned Media 21 © 2013 Enroll America |

Why Should You Engage The Media? •  Getting the word out via radio, television broadcast, or print media can reach more people in less time than other methods of outreach •  Media outlets can reach groups in rural parts of the State •  Working with the ethnic media allows you to tailor your messages for specific populations 22 © 2013 Enroll America |

How to Approach the Media Identify the media outlets in your area (TV, radio, print) Ask them to help you as part of their public service announcements (PSAs) requirements Develop a strong relationship Keep in touch! 23 © 2013 Enroll America |

How to Engage the Media Local TV •  Invite them to visit your organization and interview the staff serving their audience. 24 Local Radio •  Ask them to attend your outreach event and broadcast it live. •  Live, “call-in” radio programs give you an opportunity to reach and educate a large audience simply by addressing a single caller’s question Local Newspaper •  Ask them to include an insert or a sticker on the front page about your program or outreach/ enrollment activity. © 2013 Enroll America |

Earned Media Success Stories •  Nebraska: •  One World Community Health Center staff placed educational inserts into local magazines/ newspapers in the appropriate language in three papers, one that caters to Spanish-speaking population, one to the African American population and one to the Anglo population. •  Connecticut: •  Interviews through local, free radio and Newspapers. 25 © 2013 Enroll America |

Conducting Effective Enrollment Events 26 © 2013 Enroll America |

Why Plan an Enrollment Event? 1.  Tool to help maximize enrollment opportunities in a community 2.  Efficient 3.  Popular with Consumers, especially in communities of color and rural areas 4.  Creates earned media possibilities 5.  Good volunteer opportunities TIP: If you have more consumers than staff to assist at your events, prepare to be more strategic. Scheduled appointments or extended hours to provide enrollment assistance may be helpful. 27 © 2013 Enroll America |

How to Set Up an Enrollment Event Step 1: Step 3: •  Identify your target population •  Build your event team: Find trusted partners/institutions/ locations •  Set a location and date for an Enrollment Event (work backwards & set at least 3 weeks out ) Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: •  Recruit most appropriate assistors/navigators for the event 28 Step 2: •  Recruit consumers: take appointments, & confirm appointments 24 hours in advance – provide a simple list of the information they need to have for enrollment. •  Have a successful event! © 2013 Enroll America |

Enrollment Event Success Stories National Latino Summits •  Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Ohio. Enrollment at Public Library Best Practices Learned from Lower Alabama •  Choose the “right” library •  Establish a relationship •  Schedule your enrollment events on an established, recurring schedule that works with library availability and stick to it. •  Promote, promote, promote. 29 © 2013 Enroll America |

III. Tips on Monitoring & Evaluation 30 © 2013 Enroll America |

Develop an Evaluation Plan Before You Implement Why evaluate? Things to consider… Suggested Questions: •  Identify which outreach strategies and partners reach the most consumers •  Basis for future funding requests •  How will you know if your strategy was effective? •  What outcomes will you be measuring? •  •  •  •  How did consumers hear about your organization? How did they get your phone number? How did they come to attend a particular enrollment event? How many consumers created an account? Successfully enrolled? Collect information that will help you build a better system for next year: When do you ‘lose’ consumers? What helps get consumers ready to buy insurance? How many times do you talk to a consumer before they sign up? What are the barriers/ questions people have? 31 © 2013 Enroll America |

Future Webinars in this Series Why and How to Conduct a Phone-a-thon with a Local Media Outlet Monday, February 24, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET Engaging Community Colleges in Outreach and Enrollment Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET How to Engage Faith Communities in Outreach Monday, March 3, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET Creating an Earned Media Strategy: Fast Ways to Engage Local Media and Motivate Consumers Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET Conducting Effective Enrollment Events and How to Get More Support Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET 32 © 2013 Enroll America |

IV. Q&A Jennifer Roniger Dayanne Leal Etoy Ridgnal 33 © 2013 Enroll America |

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