How to forgive someone you hate and move on

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Information about How to forgive someone you hate and move on

Published on September 26, 2016

Author: DuncanNjoroge


1. How to ForgiveSomeone You Hateand Move On: Must Know. We have all come to a point where someone has wronged us and we feel like we do not want to forgive them. Or we cannot even bear the thought of talking tothem. Most of the timeyou feel hatred towardsthat person. Without knowing you will find that you are doing more harm to your life thanto that person. Thisis why you need to learn how to forgive others Forgiving someone is not something that you do for others. It is something that you do for yourself. Also by forgiving you areaccepting the realityof what happened and finding a way to live in a stateof resolutionwith it. Choosing not forgivecauses us to be unhappyand therewill be regrets after regrets. It can distractusfrom work, school causing us to underperform. Ruinrelationships, and also miss out on the best things in life. So How Do you forgiveand let go? Below are thesteps that will help you and get you backon track.

2. Steps on Learning How to forgive. 1. Accept what happened – Thinkabout the incident, what actuallyhappened. Then accept that it happened. You need to acknowledgeit so that you can be ableto forgive. The best way you cando thisis to talk to someone you cantrust, someone who will not judgeyou and this will later make you feel better. 2. Empathize – That personhas wronged you and becausehe/she has not apologized you feel like that person hasno remorse. Everyone feels guilty, even though you have not gottenany apology you need to empathize and look from his/her sideof view. Ask yourself questions like what could he/she be thinking, what was the situationat that time, what did he/shefeel like after doing that? Thiswill open your mind and be the bigger personand forgive. 3. Letting go – As I mentioned above not forgiving will only lead to unhappinessand missing out on the beautyof life as it happens. Commit that you aregoing to let go. It may not happentoday tomorrow or thismonth. Depending on how long it will take, let it go. You will have few regretsand in the futureyou will be glad you did it. 4. Do something you love – Sometimeforgivenesscanbe hard depending on what that person did. You can find yourself thinking about that situationfrom timeto time. The best way to stop thinking about that personand the situationyou need to do something that you arepassionateabout. Tokeep your mind busy and remind yourself how much you love and appreciateyourself. 5. Feel compassion for the person - Finally after learning how to forgive. Feel compassionfor that person, becauseeven though that person did not apologize. You have chosen to forgivehim/her becauseyou have realized that you are allowing yourself to be happyand move on. Wish happinessfor them and be empathetic.

3. WHAT FORGIVENESS MEANS. Now that you have learnt how to forgive, what does forgivenessreally mean? Forgiveness does not mean;  That you forget what happened or you delete the past. Or that person will later changehis/her behavior becauseyou have chosen to forgive him/her.  That you need to tell that person that he/she is forgiven.  You forget the incident ever happened.

4.  You have to includethat person in your life.  You aredoing it for the other person. Forgiveness simply meansthat you are not thinking about it, you are letting go and moving on to a better placein your life. WHY PEOPLE FIND IT HARD TO FORGIVE. If forgiveness is something you do for yourself then why is it so hard? Depending on thesituationthereareseveral reasonsthat I have listed below.  You do not know how to resolve the situation.  You feel like that person does not feel any guilt for what he/she did.  You feel if you forgive that person that you will re-connect and he or she cando it again.  You areaddicted tothe adrenalinethat anger givesyou.  You see that person almost every day.  You have thoughtsof revenge. Thisare some of the reasons that people find it hard to forgive. Even though forgiveness cantake long remember that you are doing it for yourselfso that you can move on. QUOTES TO HELP YOU IN FORGIVENESS. Do not keep thinking of the past or the bad thing that happened; when you let go of it, you get over theanger/bitternessthat you felt and it clearsthe path of forgiveness! The best thing is time! –Ashna Singh Remind yourself of how much forgiveness would meanto you if it was your turn for a mistake! –CarolMcbride-Safford Becauseit takesless energy to love and forgive thanit does to stay angry and hold a grudge.It bringspeacetoyour life. –Linda Adams I know that I need to forgive someone, not for their benefit, but for my own peaceof mind. Don’t do it for them, do it for you! –CathrynKent Read the next post on How To Find The Right Friend.

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