How To Find Natural Cosmetics

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Information about How To Find Natural Cosmetics

Published on March 28, 2020

Author: poncedeleon01


slide 1: How To Find Natural Beauty Products - That Work - Natural beauty products or organic cosmetics have been becoming more and more popular lately with a whole movement going strong to switch to products with only plant based ingredients that are safe for your skin and also effective. Its not just some uninformed movement to avoid chemicals with scary sounding names some of the chemicals in makeups have been shown to contribute to cancer and other disruptions in the body. For example phthalates are a group of chemicals that have been shown to be particularly bad for your endocrine system throwing off your hormone balance and can cause problems within the body. Another example are Polyethylene glycols or PEGS which are petroleum based compounds that are often found in cream-based products as they work to thicken and soften cosmetic compounds. PEGs are often slide 2: contaminated with other more dangerous chemicals like ethylene oxide which is a known human carcinogen. Some beauty products claim to contain “natural” or organic ingredients but really aren’t all they are hyped up to be. Whenever a trend starts to get popular read: profitable there will always be companies out there looking to make a quick buck. So how do you go about finding natural beauty products that work are affordable and are actually safe for you Lets get into it and I will break it all down for you slide 3: 1.First step: Scour The Ingredients When buying cosmetic products at the mall in the pharmacy or at your local cosmetics shop consumers often make the mistake of buying on impulse and emotion. Many times we get distracted by the beautiful cover art or the theme of the design that really catches our attention. Advertisers are betting on this reaction It is important to really take your time and look at each and every ingredient on the list before making a purchase. That is why I often advocate for shopping online when it comes to beauty products as you are less likely to be swayed by the marketing materials and you can easily see all the ingredients in the products. slide 4: 2. Check For Reviews Simple advice but it will always ring true make sure you look at a good variety of reviews before purchasing any products. Dont base your purchase off of one review either look for a good amount of different reviews before purchasing. You would be surprised how often companies use fake reviews to boost ratings and sales. To combat this get your reviews from trusted sources and look for a wide swath of reviews over the internet. For even better results ask people you know that use natural products what they recommend. A meet up group or online forums are great places to start if you dont currently know a lot of people using organic cosmetic products. 3. Find a Seal on the Packaging There are multiple seals you can look for when checking out beauty products. Products with the seal from the Natural Products Association are composed of at least 95 natural ingredients. This isnt the only player in town though: there is also the USDA organic seal EcoCert which is an independent European group Demeter and more. One popular seal you might see is the NSF / ANSI 305 seal certifying a product is made of at least 70 percent organic ingredients and 30 percent without synthetics or formaldehyde. slide 5: 4. What Do Your Family and Friends Say This is very similar advice to the search for reviews advice above but these are people who know even more and are very trustworthy. Some of the best beauty advice and product finds have come from my close knit group of family and friends. Another great piece of advice is going to a local “natural” specialty store and asking around there as to what they recommend. 5. Whats In The Kitchen There is always a way to do it yourself If you are trying to use only organic ingredients I bet you can find a lot of what you need in your own kitchen This is similar to listening to your grandmother who always knew the best remedies for any problem you were encountering. Many of these ingredients are time tested and have worked for multiple generations of women You can find a ton of DIY recipes online Pinterest is a great source of easy to make products that you can find at home. Over at Total Youth and Beauty we have an article that goes over some great DIY face mask recipes that you can probably make right now with the ingredients already in your home Finding all natural beauty products can seem like a difficult tasks at first but armed with the knowledge we have presented above you can be sure to find effective products that are safe for you. If you have any natural remedies or slide 6: favorite organic products please tell us in the comments or shoot us an email If you enjoyed this article please come to our main website Total Youth and Beauty for more just like this. Thank you and have a beautiful day

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