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Published on December 9, 2019

Author: metrotyres01


slide 1: HOW TO FIND HIGH END BICYCLE TYRES Picking the correct set of tyres is hard as there are so many different varieties and choices out there. Every manufacturer uses different compounds to make their tyres which affects their usage and handling of the ride. This choice becomes even more complicated with the different tyre sizes and the way these tyres are marketed. We make hi end bicycles tyre that take care of most of your bicycling needs weather conditions road surfaces and handling peculiarities. All of the leading tyre manufacturers in India including us create bicycle tyres of the following three basic types namely tubular tubeless and clincher. These have different properties and uses making them suitable for a particular activity. We also provide a basic city run tyre which will give any normal user of the bicycle a jolt free ride over city surfaces while lasting for a very long time. Tubular tyres are also known as tubs and are very popular for racing purposes. They have a minimal rolling resistance and so are very fast. The inner tube in a tubular tyre is sewn into the tyre and do not use the beads to connect to the frame of the bike. They are mounted by gluing onto the rim which is a time consuming thing when one needs to replace them especially in the middle of the race and with a flat. slide 2: Tubeless tyres are the most popular choice for mountain bicycles that do not have an inner tube at all and instead seal directly to the rim of the bicycle. This sealing of the tyre to the frame is done with a special valve and a suitable sealant. They are better at resisting flats than the tubular tyres and you have the option of adding a spare tube to the tyre in case the sealant fails for any reason. Clincher tyres are the most common type of tyres for road and city bicycles. They have an inner tube and the tyres hook to the rim using beads. They are also very easy to fix in case of a flat and most cyclists can change one in less than 10 minutes by the roadside. They are a bit more prone to flats especially if you run them with a lower than recommended tyre pressure. Clincher tyres come in two varieties: Folding and Non folding. The folding clincher types are lighter and easier to store and transport whereas the non folding types are heavier. Tyres made for use in off-roading like mountain bikes come with a more enhanced knobbly structure to enhance their road gripping capability. The tyres used for racing usually have very minimal grooves to provide them better speed. Treads are not a common feature of city tyres. Most city tyres have only a certain pattern on the tyre itself that takes care of the road grip and braking requirements. These patterns alternate with structures as well as no tread to give the rider the best of both worlds while giving better grip as well as speed.

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