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Information about How to find and live your purpose

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: DavidNewby2



Learn how to find and live your purpose in life. It's not what most people would think...

By David Newby Life Development Strategist Copyright © 2014. DGN Coaching. All rights reserved.

Introduction Why this topic?  Who am I?  What to expect…  My Promise: I will get you 100% clear on your purpose

What You Will Learn What your purpose IS and IS NOT  4 main principles to identify your purpose  7 factors required to effectively live your purpose  5 action steps to get you started living it fully  *Don’t Forget: You get a FREE gift at end of presentation*

4 Things We Generally All Want God (inherent) 2. Sense of purpose (fulfillment) 3. Success (achievement) 4. Help others (give back) 1.

Ever Received a Direct Revelation from God? Yes No Don't Know Source:

Where Are You on the Target? Most people know some of God but lack total commitment. •In God •Not in God •In between Bullseye = God = purpose

To Grow in God… Submission!

Connection to God Takes Growth You can only know and live your purpose with a true, meaningful connection to, and relationship with God. The better the connection, the clearer your purpose and awareness of who you are and what you’re supposed to be doing.

The Success Formula… Submission + Growth = Connection (Bullseye)

Warning: Don’t Live the Wrong Purpose Good Purpose (God) Bad Purpose (Devil) •Vessel of honor •Moves you forward •Gets you blessed •Glorifies God •See Romans 9:21 •Potters Clay (Isa. 64:8) •Ex. Jesus •Vessel of dishonor •Moves you backward •Gets you cursed •Mocks God •See Romans 9:21 •Potters Clay (Isa. 64:8) •Ex. Pharaoh

Beware of These Common Mistakes Pride—makes you think you know when you don’t  Misinformation—leads you wrong (Ex. Beliefs, etc.)  Complacency—makes you ineffective  Running—God judges you (Ex. Jonah)  Unfocused—going in 100 different directions  Doubt—you may operate in fear or lack faith 

What Your Purpose IS and IS NOT... IS NOT  A destination in life  Your job  Your business  A cause you support  A point of finality  Easily achieved  Limited to your thoughts IS        Who you are How God uses you A process Unattainable while alive A place you live in Lived Totality of life

The Eagle and the Hammer…  Eagles  Hammers • Fly • Bang nails • Hunt • Pull out nails • Build nests in clefts of rocks • Build sculptures • Soar above storms • Make noises

God is Creative God is creative. He can use you for a lot of things, and infinite things because He is infinite. That's why your purpose is lived rather than achieved. You need faith to live it!

4 Main Facts About Your Purpose Only lived through God 2. You ARE your purpose (experiences, skills, etc.) 3. It’s a process, not a destination 4. It’s at the intersection of service (God, others, self) 1.

Common Questions to Ask Am I really in God?  Do I seek to serve God and others?  What makes me unique?  What prepared me in life?  What situations have I been through?  What do I have an inkling to do?  What is my inner voice saying…and is it God? 

7 Things Required to Fulfill Your Purpose Focus on God 2. Die to flesh 3. Carry your cross 4. Walk it out by faith 5. Obey the Holy Spirit 6. Get developed for it 7. Stick with It 1.

5 Action Steps or Takeaways Find God 2. Grow in God 3. Be free to live 4. Seek to serve 5. Enjoy the journey 1.

The Problems You May Face Not effectively living your purpose  May not be as close to God as you want to be  I was once there where you are, and I can help you

I Want to Help You Grow close to God so you can start living your purpose fully, without wasting the time, energy, money, and other resources doing or going after the wrong things in life.

My Offer…

Pursuit of Purpose Group Coaching Program • 6-months of group coaching via Google Hangouts • LIVE intro Q and A call • Weekly one-hour session • Weekly answers to most FAQs throughout the week • LIVE Q and A calls at least once a month • Monthly lesson where I discuss an important topic • YouTube upload (free access to you only) • MP3s of all coaching sessions

Benefits of the Program Deeper connection with God  Live with a clear sense of purpose  Become 2X more effective and efficient at living  Obtain guidance and support along the way 

Quick-Action Bonuses (24 hours ONLY) 60-minute Coaching Session [5 spots] ($1,000 value)  Premium Impact: SSOS Program ($1,797 value)  Break the Rut Program ($1,997 value)  The Cave Mastermind Group ($10,000 value)  Sponsor of my upcoming book, SOKA, with mention ($10,000 value) 

Testimonial "Before I started working with David, I was going through my daily life unfulfilled. I had a steady job as a truck driver, and the money I was earning met my needs. However, David opened my eyes to what my true purpose is in life, which was to follow the plan that God has for me. Since receiving coaching from David, I see life in a completely different light. I have an urgency to do the will of my Heavenly Father because I know that there is not only an earthly reward, but an eternal one that passes all understanding. David is truly a blessing to the Kingdom of God and to those he mentors.“ –Denard, Baltimore, MD

Total Value for Everything $34,794

Total Cost (What You Pay Today) $5,997 $4,497 $2,597 One Payment of $1,997

30 Day Friends First Guarantee Get a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days of the program. No questions asked!

Last Chance Before Price Goes Up!

Your Free Gift (eBook) Let’s Go Higher: Life Lessons from the Eagle Get it here >>>

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